Monday 5th August


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Morning All...

Well i'm back for a while now. It will be sometime before I am back as regular but at least I will be coming here more often now. I have been hit with Pneumonia in a big way and did not realise how serious it was. As with the Sepsis it could have killed me. I went into the hospital early on a Tuesday morning and the infection was cleared in 4 days but the after effects have been terrible and the anxiety has been the worst its ever been. I have been in hospital 4 times since for various things including shortness of breath which is very frightening. But I am determined now to stay out of hospital now. I am a little weak due to my extended stays in my hospital beds, There is a million and one things I could say and about my extended stay away and it will all come out in the next few weeks. But I will get back to normal and be my normal self once again.




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Good morning everyone, good to see you back with us @Nigalius You have had a rough time haven't you but hope you are on the mend now although it could be a slow process. How are birdies and Frankie?

Sunny here right now but we did have heavy rain last night which the ground here needs.

Hope everyone has a nice day.

Michael Reynolds

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Good morning Nigel and Diana, you do not know how happy I fill to see you back Nigel, please do not over do things as you have all our thoughts and preys with you, I will say you have been missed. Even the flock all seam happy may be they can tell my thoughts and it brushes on them all. dry with thin cloud in Kent. I have a busy day jet washing cages and changing the cages around so have a good day every one


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Hay Nigel!!!!! Glad to see you back I'm with you on the pneumonia, I had no idea how serious it was untill it affected some of my elder family. Im super glad your back bud. Hopefully this will make you laugh, the guy went down the beach to pick up his jet ski but 2WD auto transit van would probably not be my choice of vehicle. He got stuck and by the time a 4x4 turned up water had blown his electrics and it got stuck in park. Happenes every year several times, the other day was a jag on another beach FB_IMG_1564987471123.jpg


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Good morning all. Very glad to see you back Nigel and to hear that you are on the mend after what sounds like an awful experience.

Grey here again this morning. Sun came out yesterday evening as had been the pattern lately, but it also then went black, thundered a bit and poured down with torrential rain.

Work. Work today. Them bills must be paid me hearties, arghhh! (No idea why I am suddenly a pirate).

Have a good day y'all.

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Pleased to see you back Nigel, I hope your full recovery is not too long but look after yourself and eat correctly.

Love Pirate Michael, you look so different though, would never have recognised you.

Hope everyone is well and hit by the recent flooding, we have been lucky and escaped the flooding but not lucky in finding our dog. Sad.


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@Nigalius - I'm glad you're out of hospital and starting to get over it now. Just make sure you take things easy and look after yourself for the next few months, so that you continue to improve!

It might encourage you to know that my mother has sucessfully come through a number of bouts with pneumonia over the last 20 or so years - must be up to about half-a-dozen now. She has lung damage from several different sources which seems to make her especially prone to it. Each time has been a struggle, but the first time, when she was only in her fifties, was the worst. The doctor, when he had got over his astonishment at her having actually managed to walk up to his surgery in that state (it took her over an hour to go about 200 yds) was actually afraid to tell her how bad she was, or what was wrong with her, in case the shock of hearing was enough to finish her off in her condition, so she didn't even realize what had been wrong with her until she was nearly better. Of course, he passed away years ago (they were about the same age), and she is still going strong, as of the last time I spoke to her, just yesterday...!


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Glad to see you back. Very happy things are improving for u.
Uve been missed.
Kate,Bob,Cash and Bobbie xx
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