Monday 2nd December


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Good afternoon - where is everyone out Christmas shopping, working???
More than likely trying to keep warm too.
I did pop to Home Bargains this morning and always comeback with more than I had gone in for, hubby came too so it all took twice as long! Saw chap on motorbike dressed as a snowman with a lovely long carroty nose, I know there's a club of bikers who deliver Christmas pressies to hospital, homes etc. they always dress up when doing that.

Have ordered heating oil but this time used Boiler Juice and got a very good price.

Michael Reynolds

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Good afternoon Diana and all that follow, had to go out and put some cheques in the bank, managed to get some masks from the dentist as no chemest around hear dose them. well i fill shattered and i did not wak that far, back of the legs was like a cramp. had a slight bleed so i will be taking things a little easy but will be visiting Terry later. have a good day


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Quiet indeed, there's usually a page or so of posts by the time I show up! I wish keeping warm was a problem here, it's at least 30 by now, and really humid and stuffy (we are probably due another thunderstorm shortly).

We did a spot of Christmas shopping, anyway, mostly for accessory items as for some reason we seemed to have 1) no wrapping paper 2) no tape 3) and only a tiny blunt scissors that hurts my hands to use, despite having multiples of all these several months ago, which no one remembers using since. They probably all got put away "safe" somewhere.

A pile of little girl presents (most of which arrived in the post the other day) are stacked in the attic out of her sight, but since the second (or is that the third?) builder we got to fix our roof (after the first one and his successor failed to do a proper job) still hasn't turned up to fix the remaining leak (he's been promising for nearly two weeks now, still no sign of him) and it continues raining heavily, I'm a bit worried about what will happen if they are up there for too long. I've also just fitted a catch high out of her reach on our big bedroom wardrobe (which we've Christened "Narnia", since she apparently hopes to end up somewhere of the kind if she hides in there and rummages behind the clothes long enough), which makes it possible for us to stash the presents in there, once they are actually wrapped. I may also have to do the wrapping in the attic, since little Miss doesn't keep her nose or hands out of anything for long and has a habit of waking up at random times during the night and coming to see what we are up to.

Unfortunately despite having also bought a number of things we weren't particularly intending to, such as yet more crayons (she apparently eats all her crayons and pencils, judging by the completeness with which they all vanish into thin air, never to be seen again); modelling clay (we distracted her with a nice colourful tiny box of it while I hid the big one, which is for Christmas); several fairy tale books; and some stationary for ourselves, we somehow forgot the very vital tape which I also wanted to use for a couple of things myself. Mrs A insists we have several rolls in the house somewhere, but fat chance of finding it when we need it. It will probably all turn up after Christmas!

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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its been lovely but chilly here, but have spent the day stripping paint on skirting boards - all paint in this house was originally put on in spades and several coats thick - it took me a coupel of hours to remember that it works best to strip off one coat at a time using a stainless steel scrubber. All the while waiting for a parcel tape dispenser to arrive (then trying to figure out how to load it) so do more boxes this evening.
@Ararajuba a hot Christmas would seem very topsy turvy to me , yet its usually mild in December so maybe a hot sunny day would be better, especially with the little girl to keep amused.
Keeping warmish here as we had a delivery through Boiler Juice last week, they are brilliant at getting a good deal, but I mustnt get soft as I'll be back in France on 18th and central heating will again be a thing of memory.
Do take it gently @Michael Reynolds, you are doing so well so far and you dont want a set back.
Take care everyone


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@Wendy Cooper-Wolfe - Well, it's what everyone is used to here, it's typically fairly hot, stuffy, and extremely humid in December, which is the middle of the rainy season and generally one of the hottest rainy months. Funnily enough there is a lot of stereotypical Northern European/US Christmas imagery here featuring red and white decorations everywhere, snow, Santa, reindeer, christmas wreaths and trees, etc. It's quite strange to go to the shopping mall in the city centre (as the rather juvenile MIL was trying to persuade us to do yesterday) and seeing some poor beggar in red and white robes and a fake beard sweltering in Santa's grotto surrounded by fake snow (a substance which hardly anyone here has even seen IRL, especially the children), while everyone else is in T-shirts and flip-flops.

I believe most of this has recently been learned from the USA via film and TV, though. Until recently Christmas Day itself was never even particularly important in the festive sense (the main meal and family get-together being on Christmas Eve, which many people still follow), its main significance being religious, and something that was taken rather seriously. Funnily enough, despite all the imagery and Christmas sales everywhere, people haven't quite developed the same priorities regarding the festive season as their counterparts in the North. It seems incredible, but we hunted in vain for any actual Christmas wrapping paper in the biggest book and stationary shop for miles around, and eventually had to settle for some small rolls of generic paper, which was all they had. Not because they'd run out with all the seasonal demand, it just didn't seem to have occurred to them that wrapping paper, let alone special Christmas wrapping paper, might be something they might need to stock up on at this time of year (despite every aisle there advertising their special Christmas offers, which would obviously need to be presented to the recipient somehow once purchased).


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Hi all.
Was at work. Had to get up extra early to take Rob to the train station. He's now in Dublin, working.
The boys and I are looking after the home and having loads of parties🤣😂😅.
Just kidding.
I need to get my posterior in gear and start decorating the house and ready for Xmas.
Be nice if it got done by it self.

Michael Reynolds

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Well today i have felt a little bit more uncomfortable i will admit, i think i had pushed myself to my limit this morning, still have slight bleeding but most of all i fill compleatly shattered and having a slight but berable pain. took some of the pain killers a little bit later than normal as i forgot to take them with me. tomorrow or should i say later today as i have just realised the time is now 01:18 i am definatly not going out and will be resting most of the day. although i fill so worn out i do not fill sleepy so i think i will find a boring film on you tube to put on and hopefully this will help. -4 out side at the moment
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