Monday 29th June


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Good morning, goodness me almost the end of June a and July upon us shortly.
Sunny, cloudy and still the strong winds down here which are chilly.

I have a Tesco shop coming this morning, crafty lot they are I joined their super saver for mid week delivery years ago and although they have suspended super savers payments until next month those on that scheme were not being charged for mid week delivery....but I never get offered those Tues/Weds/Thurs slots and only seem to be offered a Monday where I have to pay £4.50 for delivery. I have complained but am told they just put out delivery slots as they become available....yeah right, somehow I am sure they could offer their loyal regular and long time customers the slots mid week.
Moan over!

Our runner bean plants are dying no idea why, all that effort to dig veggie plot, prepare it get the canes in securely and the blooming things are giving up the ghost.

Enjoy the day.


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Morning Diana and all who follow
It's really battering everything with the wind here this morning. Have had to take hanging baskets down as they look like they are not going to make it until lunchtime if they are left up! Need the wind to drop so I can go and sort out the grapevines as they have been ripped off the garage wall.
Front garden is covered in next door's rose flowers that have been ripped off their stalks by the wind such a shame.
Have shopping to go and do for the neighbours and also mum , I know they say there is no rest for the wicked but this is getting out of hand, getting really dark here again so looks like another blast of rain is about to throw itself at us too.
Can't believe we have gone from heatwave hitting 30 degrees to something akin to late autumn in such a short space of time.
Hey ho whatever your up to today stay safe

Michael Reynolds

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Good morning Diana and Tasha, clear sky's but a little breezy in Kent but temperature is still in the twenties. my neighbour wants me to drive him into town just after ten this morning so he can get his heir cut, I told him after he lockdown he will most likely have to queue up for a while, what is so important about a hair cut and wanting to be one of the first ones and I have a basin and shears I can use on it for him. he did not seem that pleased with my idea so I said you can always lay on the ground a I will bring the lawn mower around.

Cannot say too much as he is my landlord, But dose not have my humour. one good thing after trying to get permission to redecorate my place they have finally agreed I can and after being in the bungalow for over eight years with the birds I have, I can say it needs a revamp.

Flock are all chirping, shouting, flying and chewing and making a mess as usual but all seem happy. will have to decide what my goals are today, I know I want to get at least four cages outside to jet wash them and I may attempt to do busters cage as I think I can manage that now taking it carefully. its been seven months since I was last able to pull it apart for a full clean.

How is your dad now Tasha after his hip replacement (if I have the correct op) will he be running the marathon next year? I hope your Tesco delivery turns up in far better condition than your poor beans Diana, stay safe every one


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Morning all,

Very strong winds here in the West Mids. No rain on the forecast and the chance of rain is low enough that it might actually stay dry. That's a good thing because no umbrella is going to be safe today!

It's time to get the kids up. It's a bit of game with Jessie in the morning. I open her cage and out she pops, up on the top of the door. Now, if I keep moving, she won't try to land on me, which would be a bad thing because she saves her first (huge!) poop of the day for me. She has finally worked out the timing of my "keep moving" routine, so the only thing left to do is open the cage and move quickly into the kitchen, then wait a few seconds. After a stretch, a "Weee!" and a splat, I know it is safe to go back into the living room. For those of you thinking that I could just delay opening the door, it just doesn't work - she is very patient!


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Hello all! Very windy still here in the Midlands. I should be climbing up scaffold to paint our windows but decided to wait until the winds have calmed down for fear of losing my paintbrush or ending up with paint being blown all over me! Eddie is REALLY hormonal! Every time she is near me she is having sexy time... whenever she is put down she tries to find a small dark hidey hole and starts up again 🤦‍♀️. Hope the weather stays a bit cooler than the high 20s as sending my chicken broody as well! Have a good afternoon all!
Sarah x

bikergirl Carol

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afternoon all. dry and windy today. ive been taking cuttings from some plants so hopefully i will have lots of bee friendly plants next year. there is a small bit of garden about 6x4ft that is empty. planting something there is difficult because there are lots of huge roots from other trees all over so my plan is to clear the top layer of soil and try and make a wildflower meadow. Its to late now to scatter seeds but ill do it in the autumn. Ive been trying to find Lilly of the Valley plants but no luck.
safe day everyone x

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Busy day with housework, cooking erc and 6 phone calls trying to chaseup a requesyt for the entry card to the recycling centre. Interspersed with attending to the wants of chooks and Dora...all to the background sound of mason wasps hatching out from various nooks and crannies, leaving behind their crusty cocoons. They like the window casings, are behind the kitchen cabinets and one even hatched from a hole in the rear changer on one of the bikes.
Have a good evening everyone


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Evening all back in Maidenhead, left home this morning at 5am had to work on the Oxford University campus, at least I am in the office tomorrow to do my work diary for July which is going to be another busy month at least I can work from home every other Friday that gives me 4 nights at home
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