Monday 28th October


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Well after enjoying cloudless warm days in Spain I woke up with a cold having been back in Uk 48 hrs. grrr. This morning is frosty and foggy and am thankful i don't have to go out. I wish those that do have to, a safe journey it looks awful out there..
Keep warm and wrap up if going out and if driving take your time and full lights on.
Cheers for now


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Good morning slight frost here again this morning.
@Beaky friends of ours came back from Spain 3 weeks ago and she caught a terrible cold it came out as she arrived back, must be something the Spanish are passing on.
Grandson came & mowed lawns yesterday that earned him some pocket money he was pleased as it's half term this week down here.
Hubbys getting ready for his hospital trip again should be picked up late morning.
Have a nice day folks, almost the end of October and both cars are due for taxing!


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Morning all, last night was our towns fireworks. So I decided to stay in (like always) so I can keep an eye on my babies and make sure they don't get freaked out. Roy brought the birds in my bedroom. I put strictly on as I love that program and the birds love the music. I was very anxious with my tiels getting scared because of what happened to my beloved Cheeky. It turned out they did not care at all. It was Gizzie that decided to run under the duvet and started shaking, Poor baby. I think he was milking it just a bit though. Any excuse to lay in Mummys arms like a baby 😆. Missy just kept saying "Nun Night" I think that was a hint to say she wants it over so she can have some sleep in peace.

I hope Alan's hospital appointment goes ok @dianaT .

Hope eveyone has a good day xx

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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A damp and drippy start to the day but its brighter now - doing the cobwebbing before my husband comes back this week - takes ages trying not to get the spiders (or ladybirds) too and Dora isnt at all keen on the hoover. Still Ive been thorough today so things only need a quick going over on Weds (and depending on how much/what food etcDora throws around).
Pleased to see that the UK is getting some better weather this week, enjoy the sunshine, even if it is from indoors.


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Fireworks are one thing we don't have to worry about here at this time of year (none due till the New Year). The birds don't really seem to mind the New Year ones too much actually - at least in the case of the conure girls, who just pop out of their box to chatter at them and give them a good telling off for the duration, rather like they do with thunderstorms, which are quite frequent right now.

Very tired as I did a big run last night and afterwards was up cooking till late, then who but my naughty little girl woke me up at about 6 am by jumping all over me and pestering for everything she could think of... Her Mummy cleverly pretended to be asleep of course. Miss Naughty has been running around pestering and getting into things like a banana-powered (she just ate 3 and a half big ones in one sitting) overtired monkey all day ever since, and won't give me a minute's peace (typically the baby is relatively calm by contrast, besides not wanting Mummy to leave her sight for a second). The in-laws came at lunchtime for some boiled tongue, which is one of the FIL's favourites, which we had with beans and rice (hence why I was up cooking late last night, tongue takes ages to cook properly and I didn't want to leave it till the last minute). Just trying to get my naughty monkey to stay still with Mummy long enough to actually nap, which she desperately needs, then maybe I can get some much needed rest as well (as if!).
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