Monday 27 July

Michael Reynolds

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Good morning all, was raining from first light and now thunder and lightning in Kent. apart from nipping down ton later I have a day in doors, Gilbert is starting to stand on both feet now, but not walking without using his wings to help him along. he lets me massage his legs and feet and loves the extra attention he gets. he gets as close to me as he can during the night and I often wake up with him with his head resting on my arm. he is great at taking his medication. Fred however is the complete opposite he is very independent. dose not want me to stoke him now is now flying reasonably well. I have an appointment on Friday to see the prosthetic dept. yes they will do there covid check and require me to wear a mask, although they have accepted me to wear a shield. well he cannot do a mould of my face with me wearing either. my surgeon has spoke to me regarding fitting a magnetic nose once surgery can be open again this will be an over night stay when it happens. I hope you all have a great day xx


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Neither wet or windy here, has been a drizzle but little else, such a change for last year.

Should really collect that parcel that is sitting outside the gate, looks awfully big though and it may be heavy to lift......... Why did he not put it in the parcel bin? unless that is full.

Still have the birds to do but do not feel like doing anything. My husband gave Oscar a book to chew and unfortunately or not, Lucy can reach it through the grid so has shredded 50% all over the place, give her one of her own and she just ignores it.

Managed to move the parcel half-way, so resting outside the front door now. Think it is parrot seed, but why is it so heavy?
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