Monday 24th June


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Good morning, Hi handsome Ted that is a lovely smile.
Hope everyone has a nice day.
I am going to get my claws clipped today!!!

Michael Reynolds

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Good morning Yellowchickenparrot and Tasha, love the photo of Ted, these eatly bridht mornings certanly get my flock to wake up as they had been up by four, in fine voice and very active. its my last full day with Terry today as he gpes back to the ellderly lady (attached photo of Terry) tomorrow, its going to be quiet when he goes back, Nais clipped well i think you deserve a bit of pampering Diana,IMG_0354.JPG thinking of them whom are not well and sending them all hugs and healing thoughts, due for storms later so keep safe and have a great dat

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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IMG-20190620-WA0002.jpg Another warm day today and due for some very hot weather on Weds and Thurs. spent ages this morning looking for reasonably priced harrisons pellets and then found I needed to verify payment by putting in a code from a text - not good as we dont get a mobile signal unless up the road..... by the time Dora was in a safe place and I got a text, the page and my order has expired! I will try to find someplace that takes paypal.
new toy for Dora - huge pine cones here so soaked overnight in F10 and dried in the sun.
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