Monday 20th July


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Good morning, another nice sunny one down here.

As holes are being drilled to run trunking, new sockets etc everywhere is covered in dust, but I did manage to run the Vax around just now so at least on the surface of the floors it looks tidy for 5mins.
Daughter is calling in this morning and hopefully taking hubby to the electrical wholesalers for more 'stuff'. He must phone audiology as one of his hearing aids is constantly whistling, he cannot hear it but it is driving me mad since last week, what with that and the Oohh Ahhs gruffs & grunts with ever movement (yes I know he's waiting 2 new knees) but my patience is running thin.

Oh well that's off my chest! Hope you all enjoy the day.

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Hello, Another hot and sunny one here today.
As it is now necessary to wear masks in all public places I have set to (with parrot help) to make some more masks - washable ones to ensure we always have some at the ready. I have a lot of close weave cotton material from my patchwork selection and silk to line them. Pretty flowery material for me and a more sober colour with cartoons of sunshine on for my husband. I do have some material with little coloured frogs on it but we felt that might not be appreciated here.
A nice email came yesterday to say the patchwork group will restart in September - despite it having taken me the best part of a year to do one project I enjoy being part of the group.
We bought some little cameras to set up outside the house to watch wildlife - to trial them they are set up in the house and the video clips of us both during the evening show that we look like a real couple of old codgers - but you cant hear the gruffs and grunts (although they are there)!

HAve a good day and stay safe and well.


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Afternoon all,

Weather in the West Mids is also very nice. Blue skies with a few little fluffy clouds. They play havoc with the motion sensing security cameras (sun in, sun out), but I'll always take this kind of weather over a dull day.

I wanted to change all of our plug sockets as they are older type without switches. The electrician that changed the consumer box/panel said the existing ones are fine. I know if I do make a start though and need to expand or cut new channels, it could trigger a full house decoration and I'm really not in the mood for that!

Eclectus Frankie now thinks he's a magpie. We normally have wooden and plastic bits and pieces scattered around their outside play areas, but the numbers were dropping and we discovered that he'd been picking them up and dropping them in his cage. Odd lumps of untreated pine and plastic spoons are his favourites!

Michael Reynolds

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Hi all been quite a morning although the weather was so lovely. one of the babies had a bad landing and hurt its foot, so it was call the vet again and make an appointment. took Them both down together but as I thought the leg or toes was not broken. So it wont be too long in recovering but I will say I was worried. well most of my day has been spent helping my neighbour and sorting out the problem with this computer, I hope you all have had a good day.
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