Monday 1st June


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What's the bar spacing on the cage? Could just be the way the picture is but it looks more like budgie sized spacing? Just concerned about the little ones toes getting stuck. Especially with the swirly bits at the top. Id also keep a close eye as it doesn't look particularly strong and I've seen parrot break the bars of their cages if they aren't strong enough 😲
The photo doesn't do too much justice, bar spacing isn't too close together it's around the same as his current cage when we put them side by side. I will do the measuring this morning.
Understand not as strong, however we won't be leaving him in there for long periods and he will never be alone, made the decision to not leave him alone in any cage in the garden until we can build a strong aviery. Just got a cage to introduce him to the world of outside.
Thank you for your concerns though, i think i may have been a little shop happy and bought the first one i thought looked good haha!
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