Monday 16th


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Morning, dull windy and cold, feels like autumn for sure. brrr. Had heating on for 30 mins after back from a walk.
Had a pre assessment on Thursday for back surgery, am having a covid test later today, then isolating until Wednesday when I have to be at the hospital for 7am, complete with Dressing gown and slippers!, hopefully after some time on recovery ward, I cam come home later in the day but cannot drive home. No idea what post op stuff will be, physio or just get on as normal, getting nervous, cant remember what its like to be pain free after a year of it.
Enjoy the day folks and stay safe, there are almost 30,000 new covid cases a day. so it is still out there everywhere.

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Hello all,
Warm but damp and blustery today with someone coming round later to see about moving the satellite dish off the chimney stack (another of the previous owners DIY blunders l think) then we can book the chimney sweep to come. He was the one who told us off for it being there.

Hope all goes well with the clinic @Beaky , you'll probably be given an instruction leaflet of do's and dont's, and told not to sit in an armchair and to stand and to regularly walk around a bit.

Love the photos of Luna with you @Yellowchickenparrot. It's always good to have help.


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Good afternoon, great photo these @Yellowchickenparrot .
Hope all goes well @Beaky I guess you will soon be home and recovering.
@Wendy Cooper-Wolfe fingers crossed you get the satellite dish moved today, be a good job done.

A dull day here, hubby went to physio knee class this morning I went with him (not into the session) he wanted to drive so I thought it best to go too in case he felt too uncomfortable to drive back, but he drove both ways.

Family have now gone to Carew Go Karting, hope they enjoy it.


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Good afternoon all, cloudy and cold here in Kew Bridge London, Kiki is throwing a strop as she is still getting used to her new cage, Kathy says she won’t come out at the moment but she is still yapping away and throwing her food out of the bowl 😂😂😂
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