May 2014 Toy Making Competition

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During the month of May we will be running a Toy Making Competition. There will be four categories for the toys: small, medium, large and extra large. We would like to donate all toys made to The Island Parrot Sanctuary. The winner of each category will receive a wee prize (to be announced later).

To enter this competition all you need to do is create a parrot toy, take a picture of it, post the picture on this thread, state whether the toy is for a small, medium, large or extra large parrot and at the end of May members will vote for their favourite toy in each category (small, medium, large and extra large). 

If members could then send the toy (or toys) they created to me (PM me for address) I will take them up to The Island Parrot Sanctuary on my next visit and will take pictures at The Island Parrot Sanctuary of the toys and post them back on here as well as on The Island Parrot Sanctuary's Facebook page.

So, get your creativity flowing, dig out your toy making parts (or check out the Scarletts Parrot Essentials website for toy making parts) and start toy making.  You can enter as many toys as you would like and in as many categories as you would like. Take a picture of your creation, post it on here with a statement of what category the toy fits into and then PM me for my address to send the toy or toys to me.

At The Island Parrot Sanctuary the smallest parrots are Zebra Finches and the largest are the Macaws and there is every size in between from Black Headed Caiques and Senegals to Amazons, Greys and the various sizes of Cockatoo.

We hope you enjoy this toy making competition and we look forward to seeing your creations.
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Rhonda AKA Kensmrs

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Oh I am looking forward to see the creations as they start appearing on this thread - :)

Not sure what mine will be but most likely something for the Amazon aviaries and I have loads of Amazon toy parts :)


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I have a question and this will hopefully help others too :)

As these toys are going to TIPS may I ask how Vonnie feels about the use of everyday items as toys?  I don't suppose many of us have a shed full of un-treated pine etc

I'm thinking of things along the lines of:

plastic bottle tops

yoghurt pots

plastic bottles [like the ones that yoghurt drinks come in]

drinking straws

cardboard boxes [small one or you'll need a truck to take them in lol]

Dried pasta for shakers

Lisa x

feel free anyone else that's interested in adding to a useful but free list of toy making parts :)

Rhonda AKA Kensmrs

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Lisa I sent her an E-mail to be double sure all these items are okay - I know when they get yogurt pots (the ones for kids) donated to sanctuary we peel the foil top off but put the yogurt pots whole with the yogurt into the aviaries for the birds to eat, play with - .. will get back to you on this.


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:(   I can't post pics on this stupid thing, so I will just have to nick ideas for toys when you lot post pics :)

Rhonda AKA Kensmrs

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Message from Vonnie at TIPS:

Hi Lisa, I love the idea of recycling things like bottle caps and wee boxes. For every item you mentioned I could think of many birds that would love it. Our wee Freda is mad about boxes and Baby would chomp your hand off for a bottle top. A huge thank you from all the team and our darling birds. Vonnie xx


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Brilliant I have some boxes I think my OH has some untreated oak will that be ok to use
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