Manchester Pets And Aquatics.


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I would try the RSPCA, occasionally you find someone who will do something, or even contact Monkey World for the marmosets, they do rescue them, send the pictures .

They have a giant tortoise? is that legal? How about Tortoise Rescue somewhere down south, last I heard they were in Downam Market, but that was a long time ago, I had them sending someone up to Animal World in Leeds, they had illegal tortoises there, they confiscated them.


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I don't know what sort of tortoise it is, but its mahoosive. Its usually just wandering around the shop but it also has a tiny enclosure near the door. I've often wondered where they got it from, its not always been part of the shop. A few years ago a harlequin macaw was the star attraction :buenrollo:


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I found a video of the shop online as I got curious about this. The tortoise looks like a Sulcata tortoise, not one of the rare island ones. They're actually pretty common in captivity (maybe not in the UK), so I doubt they are in breach of any particular law by having it. Since they get so big I'm not sure how many people in Britain would be able to cope with them when they get large (would be easier in warmer countries where they can be kept in a spacious outdoor enclosure all year round without having to worry about heating etc), so they would probably be rather unsuitable pets for most people there.


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Hi I went in this shop last week it was disgusting dirty and stunk it’s dirty dirty place I walked out needs shutting down
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