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Male Attacking Pregnant Female!

Discussion in 'Breeding And Babies' started by Louise Waterhouse, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Louise Waterhouse

    Louise Waterhouse Regular Member Registered

    So misty had 2 eggs 3 months ago. She's just laid another one. We don't intentionally breed them. We take the eggs out and put fake ones in. This time we didn't know she was pregnant, Ronnie just started really viciously attacking her on the floor with his wings out. We put him in the cage, and she started laying an egg.

    Might be worth mentioning, she was in a cardboard box at the time. They love to shred and play with cereal boxes etc but could this be encouraging nesting? Put them to bed now and they seem fine.
  2. DizzyBlue

    DizzyBlue Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Hi Louise
    Can you describe this attacking please? You say with his wings out? Are you sure this was attacking or was it that you happened to see them mating or was it that he was trying to tell her to get back into her nest box to lay the egg in safety? He can get upset if she isn't properly taking care of his kids to be laying the eggs safely and brooding them instead of out and about enjoying herself.
    When they fight it's usually a lot of yelling, handbags at dawn kind of commotion upright stance wings out at full spread and above their bodies (ie up in the air) to make themselves look like huge birdies and intimidate their chosen object to tell off. Spats between paired cockatiels (ie male and female partners) are usually confined to a bit of beak sparing a few chittery noises and the male getting told in no uncertain terms to begger off and do and do something else cos his Mrs isn't interested in any opinion he has :)
    He mates her before the egg is laid to fertilise it ..... females / hens are never classified as getting pregnant it's mammals that get pregnant.
    Boxes are made for nesting in :) to tell the truth if the hen has been mated and laid eggs before then she will lay regardless if she has a box or not again. when in nesting mode they are taken over by the need to follow what mother nature intended them to do when they have ample food, feel safe and secure and is their species breeding season etc, I have known them lay in food bowls and on the floor of cages regardless of what the humans wish. There is no way to stop mother nature if the birds are happy they are happy and they will breed whatever you think you want them to do regardless of how you wish things to be. However if you don't want chicks then you are doing the right thing to replace the eggs with dummy eggs as long as the birds haven't worked out that the eggs are being replaced by dummies. They are smart and can tell if it looks different, feels different or is indeed not quite the specific weight that it should be.
  3. Louise Waterhouse

    Louise Waterhouse Regular Member Registered

    Oh they have their moments of fighting exactly how you describe. Skinny birds with mouths open clacking beaks! But this was different. She was in the box, now we know about to lay an egg, and he just started lunging in the box and proper biting, wings out making him look big. It's like he thought it was a stranger, so I took the box off her and he had her in corner just going for her. We knew she was different because she wasn't having a go back. We had to grab him quickly and put him away to leave her in peace otherwise he'd of done some damage my poor girl then she laid. I was like, oh that's all she needs Lol!