Made to Measure Stainless Steel Mesh Cages for SMALL birds?


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Hello everyone. I hope you are all staying safe and well at the moment in these strange and scary times :budgie2::tiel:

I wondered if anyone can tell me if they know of anyone who will make bespoke cages but with stainless steel SMALL mesh? I want a nice big sturdy cage on legs (a bit like the 6 x 3 ft "breeder style" but tweaked to my specs.
Everywhere that does nice cages seem to use welded or dipped meshes and use bigger mesh anyway. I'm not really comfortable with 1" x 1/2" as one of my budgies is tiny. Or am I being OCD? None of their current cages have bigger than c.1cm spacing.
Having budgies and cockatiels who do lots of cage climbing, nibbling and snogging... I dont want anything remotely flaky or zinc-ey!
plus I want it to last years and be extra secure so I can wheel outside.
Any thoughts?

Thanks for reading xx


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Rosemead made me an aviary some years ago - stainless steel and to my design - you can choose what size mesh. Agree with CaptainHowdy in that they were excellent.
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