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Hi everyone,

I’ve been giving a breeding pair of green wings from a friend and I’m looking for information about breeding them. I can’t find a lot of info on the web when it comes to macaws.

Does anyone have any recommendations on where to look or books to buy?


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Hi again, I do not know of any books that are just on breeding Macaws, there are a few that mention the basics and I have read some good articles in various parrot magazines, I have bred parrots but never attempted breeding macaws my self, I will tag @Parrot797 whom is a breeder of macaws and many specialist breeds of birds, his knowledge on the subject is well respected.

tell us about the pair of green winged you had been given, there age, are they proven if so when did they last lay, what diet you have them on, how long have they been together, the size of the aviary you are using and what breeding facilities you have.

Do you plan to hand feed or parent rear, will you be incubating the eggs, do you have the time to be able to feed the chicks every two hours?
the more you can tell us what you plan the better our members can advise you.

What knowledge do you have, have you previously bred birds and parrots? what birds have you had in the past, can you tube feed in an emergency, do you know what feed, concentration and temperature the feed should be that you need to feed them at,

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Hi Poiseidon
Well here's a bit of a crash course for you.... its not just a case of reading the books to get the info there's a bit more too it than that, off the top of my head the following list comes to mind …. I don't wish to seem rude or anything that's never my intention but I have a horrible habit of typing and typing and not reading and making sure its logical to others nor that the wording is made to ensure that people know I merely wish to pass on information and don't intend to be rude …. I put my foot in it all the time … right up to my neck! So please excuse me if I do.

First get the birds health checked
Second if they didn't come with a DNA certified as a male and a female they need to be just because a pair of macaws are bonded to each other doesn't mean you have one of each sex and splitting up a bonded pair if they are the same sex is a no no as they bond for life so slitting a pair is going to be a whole world of pain for you and them as well and they wouldn't breed and are likely to attack a mate you give them which isn't fair on any bird.

I used to breed birds (not macaws) just because we can doesn't mean we should is a rule of thumb to go too. If one of the pair isn't a "top notch bird" ie there is perhaps something like a genetic thing that isn't right then its not fair to possibly subject any offspring to inheriting that issue...… again get a vet to give you a good report on what they think to the birds are they a good sound pair to breed from.
Next thing is their age should they be bred from is it going to put too much strain on them if they are a lot older and have been breeding youngsters all the time because somebody wanted to make money ….. the calcium required to form eggs is literally removed from the skeleton structure of the hen bird and then crystallises around the egg to form the hard outer and doing that over and over again without the correct diet to support her will have a massive impact on the hen her skeleton her major organs the lot ….
Next if they are pet birds … forget it they aren't going to breed
Were they a proven breeding pair? IE they have mated they have laid and successfully incubated and successfully hatched their young or did they lay and the eggs were removed and then popped into an incubator and hatched and then transferred to a brooder and reared?
If they bred did they rear their own chicks or did they have to be hand reared part way
After that you need correct sized aviary, correct diet and to know what time of year they bred at last time. The correct sized nesting box.
If you decide to hand rear then you need a brooder knowledge of correct temperatures for each stage of life and obviously the correct hand rearing mixed to make sure any young are reared correctly.
The best thing you could do is go get them health checked and DNA sexed if they don't already have the proof of paperwork to show they are
Species name is Ara chloropterus and they do not require CITES paperwork thank goodness or else you have a mountain to climb on that one info wise too!
IF you know of any macaw breeders near you then go and sit and chat … take a huge packet of biscuits with you lol
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