M bonded pair of conure's

I will do roz and I just love them both and can't imagine life without them now and love talking to them
Roz would you know why my pineapple conure rubs her keel along the top of the cupboard like she's crouching down low could it be a sign of mating behavior?
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Yes it can be @conurejoe however if the other bird isn't in the same frame of mind it could be a number of reasons why like you could have two of the same sex.

If you end up looking at flight cages have a nosy at this one by Little Pet Warehouse you can find discount codes online for the company as they do them quite often. A number of our members have this in the single size and they are lovely and roomy with a good sized door this double one the partition comes out. You would have to purchase bowls (D cups or those bolt on stainless ones) and best to give them natural perches like apple or willow or beech or birch.
Not necessarily no. Sometimes they can do some very confusing things since humans choose on the "oooo pretty colour" rather than getting right sex or colour mutation recessive genes etc.
There's links on here somewhere to a news story about two male vultures that really really kicked the scientists in the teeth see if I can find it....
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You get bonded pairs (should never split bonded birds up regardless of their sex) bonded is hmmm best mates can't cope without each other can be highly detrimental to their health and wellbeing splitting them You get proven pairs which are opposite sex and have reared before.
Two same sex birds that are bonded can happily nest together hens sometimes both laying eggs obviously two males don't lay but will nest build same sex will at times take over roles of mimicking a male and female then reverse it at times :noidea: so you either buy / take on a proven pair of DNA sex or just be happy with what you have and if they are happy then in my eyes all's good 👍
How long did your dad have them for? If they didn't breed and are older than 4 might be same sex if they were only youngsters of a year or so might just have been pair bonded. I always DNA sex my birds makes life so much easier and you get a heads up on what to expect or not as the case may be. If you're happy for them to not be a breeding pair all's good
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