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Daniel Peel

Hi, my name is Dan and I am 14 years old. For years now I have been interested in getting birds and recently I managed to convince my parents that I am fully dedicated to taking care of them and they said, as long as I take full responsibility, I can get some for my 15th birthday. I have my eyes on 2 cockatiels as I hear they are good to start with, aren't too noisy (which was one of my parent's concerns) and are able to keep their own kind company while I'm off at school. However, right now I am struggling to find an appropriate cage, which is why I'm making this thread as I was wondering if anyone could give me recommendations. After quite a few tutorial videos and google searches, I have found that most people recommend getting a 36x24x24 inch cage with 1/2 inch horizontal bars as a minimum (I would also like trays in the base for ease of cleaning) but I'm not really having any luck. If anyone could give any recommendations or just point me in the right direction, that would be greatly appreciated. Any other general tips for beginners would be useful as well. When it comes to recommendations, please don't worry about the price as my parents said they would pay for everything as it is a present ;) Thank you again to anyone that helps out!


Miss Marple
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Could just be mine but i own four an i have to say there probably the ones that make the most noise 😂. There constant chattering allday and calling to eachother


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Hi and welcome to the forum
Cockatiels are brilliant birds, nicknamed the mini Too (Too as in cockatoo)
I have a flock of them somehow they are captivating big personality in a dinky package.
If your looking at a cage for two then remember as much space as possible as when you add in toys, perches and feed bowls then the space for the birds to be comfy in is reducing. Make sure you get the right bar spacing so nobody gets their head stuck, a nice wide door so they aren't getting bumped on their sides etc
Personally mine are in an outdoor aviary but if I was to recommend a cage I would go for this one https://www.littlepetwarehouse.co.uk/products/hamberley-single-metal-large-cage.html if you can go bigger do!
Have to say though that they can be loud but it depends on your definition of loud.
Conures are also wonderful birds.
I would also say..... Have a nosy at the RSPCA site and consider a little one needing a home


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The Little Friends Hamberley cage would be worth considering. 10mm bar spacing, so it is ideal for smaller birds. A very reasonably priced, large cage.

The Hamberley does not come with bowls though, so you will need to factor those in. I recommend the stainless steel bolt-on coop bowls that can be found in sets on eBay, etc.

Michael Reynolds

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Hello and welcome Dan may I suggest you get one tiel at first and spend time training this one to step up or fly to you and then get another one once you have achieved full trust with your first bird. you will find it easy to train the other bird as it will learn from the first one. quite often if you get two at once they become more interested in each other and not so friendly with you
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