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Looking For A Holiday Friend! - Felixstowe / Suffolk

Discussion in 'Holiday Homes For Birds' started by benjaminannas, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. benjaminannas

    benjaminannas Regular Member Registered

    Hi Everyone,
    I wanted some advice on what to do when I go away!
    Myself and my partner need to go away for 2 days mid December and I want someone to either board, or look in on Mollie while I am away. Between the two of us we have never actually left her for longer than a 9-5 work day and wondered what people would recommend? If its only 48 hours, do we need to move her? Is it acceptable to have someone look in on her for a short time twice a day while we are away?

    Does anyone know anywhere / anyone in or around suffolk that would be interested in looking after Mollie (the African Grey) for a few days or so while we are away? I would love to build a relationship with someone so when we go on holiday next year she will know the person she's staying with!

    Thank you all for your advice!
    Ben and Mollie
  2. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Hi Ben it’s always a challenge to find reliable and specialist care for the feathered ones when you go away, unless you have family that know about your birds. I’m the opposite side of the Country and mine go to professional boarders a couple of hours drive away from me.

    I will tag in our East Anglian member’s to ask if they know of anyone in your area @RoyJess @JessCheekyMia ???
  3. JessCheekyMia

    JessCheekyMia Regular Member

    Hi @benjaminannas, we live in Norfolk so not too far. We can have Mollie here for you while you are away. No charge we will happily just help you. Jess
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  4. benjaminannas

    benjaminannas Regular Member Registered

    Thanks Jess, thats really kind of you!
    Transporting her isn't really an issue as I have access to a van to move her cage and she will (although grudgingly at times) go into a travel cage.
    It's good to know that if we go away for longer than a few days that there is someone near by that would be willing to look after her! We have no dates in mind yet but I will message you when we know any!
  5. JessCheekyMia

    JessCheekyMia Regular Member

    That's no problem. I will always be here for you when you need to go away. I am at home 6 days a week so I am not going anywhere lol.
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  6. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    That is so kind of you Jess & Roy xx
  7. Vonney

    Vonney Registered

    Hi Jess, we are going away for a week next year. We are hoping to take him with us - it's amazing all the hoops we have to jump through in order to take him. Although we don't want to be without him and will worry that he will miss us we are wondering whether taking him will be too stressful for him. Just wondering (looking at your earlier post) if we did decide to not take him would you be able to look after him. I am so worried about leaving him as I don't want him to get all stressed out etc. but also worried about taking him for the same reasons. Do you know of any place that boards African Greys - just don't know what to do :-(

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  8. JessCheekyMia

    JessCheekyMia Regular Member

    Of course @Vonney we don't mind looking after him. I don't know of anywhere that boards them, but I can have a look for you.
    If you do decide to bring him over to mine, we will just look after him, give him fresh food and water, and time out of the cage. We won't be touching him as this is your parrot and we will respect that. Just give me a list of his daily routine and we will carry that on until you get back.
    If he likes traveling he might be ok to take him with you. Is there anyone that you can trust to come over to your place everyday to check on him whilst you are away.
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  9. plumsmum

    plumsmum Regular Member Registered

    @Vonney I have not idea how far you are planning to travel but we take Plum on hols in this country. He gets a bit fed up, had enough after three and half hours in the car. If you want to take him with you then now is a good time to get him adjusted to his travel cage and small car journeys. I always sit in the back with him and have his cage secured for safety, he is usually quite happy. You have a lovely, kind offer from @JessCheekyMia.
  10. Lisa7284

    Lisa7284 Regular Member

    If you are looking to take him with you (abroad but inside the EU) and need any info on tests, costs and paperwork just let me know. I recently took my parrot to Spain (where we are staying) but as long as you return withing 10 days the return procedure is quite simple.