Liberta Ventura


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Ok this is a long shot! But I have/ had a liberta Ventura cage. It's the one that looks like a house roof on one side and flat on the other with the play stand attached.

However it seems that half of it went missing in the move. So to be precise I have the front and side panels of a liberta Ventura.
I also have the tray I believe for the bottom. Not sure about the play stand.

Does anyone on here just happen to have the roof panels, and the small side panel and roof panel for the play stand area?

Or failing that does anyone happen to have one they are selling cheap?

It's a long shot I know 😂😂

Michael Reynolds

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I have three of these cages as Max, Mo and Oliver use them they do not like the other shaped cages so I keep one for when I jet clean the one they are normally in. I do hope some one can help you
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