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Hi I’m trying to get cites for my parrot and APHA emailed to say they need more information re ; breeder , previous owner ect I bought him online 3mths ago and only recently learned I should have been given/shown papers , I have tried to contact the seller but he has not responded, can anyone help me identify the breeder of my African Grey he has a closed ring and printed on it is XXXXXXXXX (removed by admin)
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Hi I have just removed your leg ring number from your post its something that you should keep between yourself, your vet and your insurance company and nobody else gets to know it, should the worst ever happen then this is your means of identifying you are the owner
Right I can say your bird is Parrot Society UK registered breeder and it was hatched in 2014 so APHA need to be told your bird is over 5 years old so is hatched before the regulations came in so parentage etc you could find out but it shouldn't be required.
The paperwork your after … may I enquire why?
Cites 1 paperwork is needed if you intend to sell your bird, if you need to go abroad with your bird, if you intend to breed from your bird or use it in any way whatsoever to have monetary gain from it hmm like showing or selling its eggs or using it for public displays.

Edited to add the two numbers after the letter V (v is the ring size) is the birds identification with the breeder it was chick number XX bred by them and the letters are the breeders reference letters. You can contact the Parrot Society to obtain information on the following link https://theparrotsocietyuk.org/site/index.php/contact-us/ or via this email [email protected] alternatively you can ring them on 01442 872245


Thank you for removing the number, I just thought it would be better to have the papers incase circumstances change and I’m not able to look after him , I’m new to bird keeping and just panicked when I read it was illegal to buy or sell without the papers and some websites said it was best to have them so decided to apply
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