Learning to fly wearing harness


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More harness questions!
Do you have any tips for teaching Kiki to fly while wearing her harness?
Most of the time she would be eating grass or seeds or just trying to take the harness off and biting it.
She started walking with the harness on. Is it a matter of time or is there something I can try?
She won’t come to my fingers (not even for treats!) unless they are close enough to reach them with her beak.

Kiki napping on the grass 🤣134C7217-8053-49C7-9514-45B48853C7A2.jpeg

Feathered Janique

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Try getting her to come on to your hand inside near her cage, see if she'll come on, if not, try getting her onto a spot at shoulder length, and get her onto your shoulder with a treat, remember outside is a new place so you'll have better luck inside which will help her when she gets out. Maybe walk outside with her on your shoulder as well. She'll probably eventually fly, let her go at her own pace. Good luck with harness training, I can tell you care about your bird so much😊
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