Lavender is it safe?


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So i have 2 lavender filled hearts in my bedroom. the birds have never been interested in them since they are in a area they don’t go normally. however Emi loves it there. she does tend to sit on top of the hearts and it hit me today that they have lavender in. she sometimes chews it however i’m not sure if she’s got into the lavender bit yet she just likes to sit on them. should i remove them?


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Safe list

Its also a fly repellent

We also have this list for additional plants safe and unsafe for those who are not sue of some of the other plants regularly asked about on our forum google drive.
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Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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If it is just to sit on then i would thibk its fine, but if she is chewing through them and they are old then i would remove them.
If they can be opened, emptied abd refilled with fresh lavender then message me with your address and the size of your lavender bags and i will send you fresh lavender when it is ready tobe cut. (this goes for anyone until the crop id used up).


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I had a heart hanging lavender freshener. Because I didn't know if it had been treated with oils I gave it away to be on the safe side.
Fresh lavender is fine. Just limit how much they chew in it though.
If you make one yourself with dried lavender and nothing else then that should be safer
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