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hi I am new to this forum,also new to kakariki parrots,i have 3 hens in a aviary with 1 cock bird,2 hens are attacking the other hen and wont leave her alone,can anyone please give me any advice please,

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You ha vs too sedate the hens. I will never advice keeping two hens in the same area as their is a very good chance you will find one dead or injured by


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Separate the hens from the one they are attacking or it will be killed ... You are sure if their sex ie three hens one male not 3 males 1 hen..... also that none are related to each other?
Your aviary flock is unbalanced remove females leaving a pair would solve it .... Can you divide your aviary up and separate them?
Breeding time will mean more fights they get very territorial if left together and they can't get away from each other is not enough room to distance themselves

Only reason I ask about if your sure about which are males which females is in my gang of smaller birds (kaks, budgies and tiels) it's the male kaks that do any fighting or bullying is male parent pushing their kids to "move on" when they become independent and sexually mature any females bred from a clutch seem to not get picked on by male parent.
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