Kakariki being a pest!!!

Martin Dean

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Hiya all!!!! I got a female kakariki to keep my male company but when the female goes near him, he snaps at her so she flies away! Im wondering if they will ever get on better? Im also wondering whats the best thing I should do? IE should I try rehoming the male kakariki and get a different kakariki or should I give them more time to like each other??? Please help!!!


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Hi Martin, I don’t have much experience with kakarikis but not long ago I was in your shoes, in July we adopted second IRN and at the beginning their relationship was disastrous, constant chasing each other and they were even going for each other’s feet, for some time I kept them on separate time out of cage because we were really worried that they might injure each other, eventually by the end of July I started to let them out together and it was much better, now they are still not best friends and occasionally they chase each other or lunge but then they will sit on the same stand just at distance, as I said they are not best friends but I can see they are company for each other, it’s funny to watch them, as one of them mimics noises well and another always tries to join her, rehoming one and getting different parrot will not help you, it’s a gamble, you won’t know how they will get on, for example our first IRN for whatever bizzare reason gets on with my friend parrotlets…somewhere on the forum there is my post about mine two not getting along I did receive good advice there, but basically give them time or can you try to engage both in some activities together?

Michael Reynolds

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I would first ask two questions Martin, are they definably male and female? What are there ages? Introducing new members of the same species can cause a few upsets, Females are quite protective of there area and will challenge another that enters her space. She will also chase away another female and fight her if she challenges her. the age and time of year are also things to consider. It not breeding time now so it may be the male is not interested in her owing to being too young or its the wrong time of year for him. Pecking order is not the main problem, but she will checking him out, this may not be too the males liking, depending on the body language of each bird. it sounds like the Hen is interested in the male but If the male is new then he may be very frightened and trying to protect his cage and place of safety. give them a chance to settle and get to know each other, carry on introducing each other with supervision.
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