Kakariki and busgie


Hi all have a kakariki whose made my life whole and just wandering if I can house a budgie.and.a.kakariki withe him after the 2 of them get ussed to each other and fly around the home together? Some say no but most seem to say you can? Has any 1 done this please?


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Hi and welcome to the forum
I have a little dude flock which comprises of budgies, kakarikis and cocktails
No issues in the years they have lived as a flock but you do need to make sure that there is heaps of room by giving a large cages so they can get out of each others ways
Also make sure you have diets for both birds as they both eat different types of seeds and fruit as their main diet but can cross over on other things :)


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I have a parakeet and a cockatiel together, they have been for going on for 20 years. There used to be budgies in with them but died over time, had no issues but as Dizzy says, plenty of room in the cage.
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