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Just Laid An Egg And Not Sitting, Is This Ok?

Discussion in 'Breeding And Babies' started by hucker, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. hucker

    hucker Regular Member

    My African Grey girl just laid an egg (which may have been fertilised by the boy, although she did lay 2 blanks a few years ago) and she isn't sitting on it. She laid it on the floor of the lounge when she was out playing. I moved the egg into a nestbox in her aviary, then put her into the nestbox with it. She shuffled the egg about for a few seconds then came back out. 10 minutes later she went back into the nestbox of her own accord, moved the egg further back, then came back out. But for the last half hour she's not been in there. I can't find much information on the first days of eggs on Google. Only one webpage said anything - that she will wait until the 2nd egg is laid before sitting. Is this correct? Will the first one not die if it's not kept at body temperature? Also, how old does the egg have to be before I can candle it?

    I have bred Greys (and conures and Amazons) years ago, but the other birds always knew what they were doing. This one doesn't seem to. Please give me some advice so I know if she's doing it right.
  2. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    Hello and welcome, It is quite normal for the hen not to sit on the egg straight away. there is always a possibility that she will lay again before sitting. a egg may be left in a limbo state for a few days until the hen starts sitting. I believe that after two to three days after sitting you are able to see the blood vessels when candling. Greys are well known for not being good parents and ant grey breeders have a brooder and hand rear the chicks.
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  3. hucker

    hucker Regular Member

    Thanks. She is actually now in the nestbox a fair bit, mainly adjusting the sawdust to her liking, but not doing much sitting yet, just looking after it. I'm fairly sure it's an infertile egg (the only boy in the aviary is in love with the other girl, although it's got a good weight to it which her previous infertile eggs didn't, they were just hollow - and she kicked them out of the nestbox, this one she's trying to look after), but either way I'll leave her to get on with it so I don't upset her. I've heard that if you take an infertile egg away they can keep on laying too many and deprive themselves of calcium. The three pairs I've bred from in the past (Greys, Conures, Amazons) have all been excellent parents - I hand reared the chicks only to make them tame, and only started doing so once their eyes opened (I figured that was the time they'd see me and think of humans as friendly, and it's easier to feed older chicks!)
  4. Parrot797

    Parrot797 Regular Member

    African Greys when set up correctly and fed correctly make fantastic parents,only when humans get involved then they start to fail.
  5. hucker

    hucker Regular Member

    The only problem I've had breeding in the past was a pair of Bluefronted Amazons who laid eggs, but an Orangewing Amazon which was friends with them kept taking the eggs out of the box and playing with them. She broke two of them, I rescued one, then kept her away!