Just adopted green cheek conure are these normal


Hey, so I just adopted a green cheek conure yesterday. His name is mango and from what I know from the previous owner he’s 3 years old.
Since I’m totally new in owning a bird Im totally overthinking everything and I wanna know if his behaviours are normal, just wanna make sure he’s alright....

he loves a head scratch but he’s not to keen on coming onto the hand (not worried about this really) when I take him out of the cage he likes to walk around and all.

what I don’t understand is I’ve seen him stretch a leg and a wing at the same time I’m not sure if it’s good or bad? Sometimes he makes some clicking noises (not all the time).
and I’ve seen him run his beak through his feathers a lot (he’s moulting so would that be a reason?I gave him a bath and he deffo loved it!)

he won’t come out of the cage by himself, his owner said that his wings had never been clipped and that he flies but I have yet to see him. I don’t know if it’s because it’s a new environment or what else.

I’m just looking for some answers before I take him to the vets. I just want to make sure he’s doing well please help
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I have an african grey and parrotlet and both my birds will stretch their wings and legs if they have been sitting for a while.

I usually see them do it when we come home, if we have been out and we come into the house they will stretch their wing and the same leg out, then the other side and will then stretch their wings up.
I have always thought this as cute and assumed it was due to them sitting for a while and having a good stretch because i have woken them from their nap!

Your bird is beautiful 🙂


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yes totally normal behaviour
have a look in the training folder there is a thread about training birds to step up and one for birds fearful of hands
Little mango is stunning.


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:welcome: Charlotte and Mango!

Normal to me too. Looking at the pics it looks like his wings have indeed not been clipped (hooray!). In the first pic I see some bronzing on the wing coverts (I think they are called) which most likely means he has been handled more on that side. Regular baths/showering/misting will certainly help his feathers look better. It's always a good idea to take a new bird to an avian vet to get checked over. He's certainly a cutie!
Welcome to the forum! All normal behaviour that you've described. You'll find all kinds of wierd and wonderful behaviour that you will come to know as 'normal' :lol: . I just echo to get Mango registered with an Avian vet (not one that just accepts birds too), best to know of one when you don't need them if you know what I mean! Looking forward to hearing of more adventures.
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