Jeff is looking for a new home :)


Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and coping ok in these weird times.
I am posting with a heavy heart, because I find myself needing to re-home my gorgeous peachfaced lovvie Jeff Bridges (I know, the name is silly!) :budgie:

His mate, Pearl, passed away about 10 days ago and Jeff is now sadly on his own. Pearl was nearly 13 years old, and had good innings, but Jeff is feeling a little lost without her. I am not sure I can take on another lovebird at this stage - I always told myself I’d find Jeff a new home when Pearl went on.

He is 7 years old (I've had him all that time), DNA-ed male (I have a certificate somewhere!) and is only semi tame. We always let him be as tame as he wanted, and he decided that fingers just weren’t his thing. He will sit on your hand, arm or shoulder, and I am teaching him to ‘step up’ which he will do for a seed treat. He’s just not into kissing or close contact or cuddles. However, I do think he could be persuaded over time ;)

He’s super gentle, he never bites. He’s loud (of course) but very sweet, interested in everything, and a real character as lovebirds tend to be. He’s in really lovely condition, and is very healthy as far as I can tell - he has never needed a serious visit to the vets or any medication.

I have masses of toys, ropes, bowls, a very big cage, plus some smaller cages, and lots of food (mixed seed treats, nutriberries, Harrison’s pellets).

I’d ideally love him to go to a home which has another male as his companion, rather than a female who he’d breed with (he and Pearl did a lot of nesting, but I stopped them from hatching eggs as I didn’t want to add to the already saturated market of pet birds). However, I’m willing to consider anything so long as he goes to the right home.

He's lived with a dog so knows about all of that - my dog doesn't want anything to do with him! (and was quite alarmed when he landed on her while she was eating - see pic!)

More pics below.

We are in East London, but are willing to travel anywhere in the UK if it means finding the right home for little Jeff 💚

Let me know if you can help.

Thank you

Jane x



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So sorry to hear of Pearl passing and Jeff Bridges being on his own, but do think long and hard, he has lost his partner/friend and then it is likely he will lose his home where he knows you and his environment, routines etc etc. Of course he will miss Pearl but if you rehome him he will then miss you too. As you say he's been with you 7 years and that is a long time, can't you let him live his life out with you?


Hi Diana,

I have thought of this definitnely....and considered it very hard as an option (because of course I love him), but it is unfair for him to not have a companion of his own kind. As I say, he's slightly wild and my feeling is that actully he wouldn't miss us that much. I know him well enough to know he'd rather be with other lovebirds.

We also go away a fair bit and although it's easy enough to find people to look after him, they are only able to come in to give food and water, I cannot ask them to sit all day and keep him company, and him being on his own a lot just isn't fair.

Michael Reynolds

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Sorry for your recant loss of Pearl, I must agree with Diana fully, I do not think it will be better for Jeff to find him a new home away from every thing he knows. Introducing another bird may end up with conflict if he or the other bird was used to there partner from the past. love birds are known to stay with one partner and not accept another. As much as i hate seeing one bird on there own in this case i believe having him rehomed with another lovebird is not going to help, you will be better off getting a budgie to live next to him so he has a feathered friend


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There are places that do bird boarding perhaps keeping him an utilising one of those places when your away would be an option?
I used to have a female lovebird in my aviary living with my cockatiels luckily as she didn't have a mate she wasn't aggressive towards the tiels and with plenty of room they could stay away from each other if they wanted.
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