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Hi people, im new 🙂 i purchased 2 cockatiels yesterday, not 100% sure on sex however im thinking male and female. 2 years 8 months old. One of my cockatiels is very very aggressive. If you go anywhere near the cage it hisses and sort of like shows its going to attack. The other however doesnt seem botherd as it nips at peices of apple you slot in the cage bars. Anyone els had this problem? Im hoping to tame however i know this is going to take very slow steps and quite abit of time. The previous owner said she hadnt handled them for 6 months 😭 or even been let out the cage !!! So im unsure again if even the previous owner before her had even handled them. Whats the chances im ever going to be able to tame them slowly. Thanks :)


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:welcome: Well slowly does it and lots of patience needed.
Let's see what members suggest, also @Roz.

Can we have photos and names of these two please as we love photos :thumbsup:
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