It’s been a year…


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It’s been a year since Rio flew over rainbow bridge, he is still very missed here, we only had him for 5 months but in this time he showed us how clever parrots are, he came to us very sad looking, neglected and had ton of health issues which in the end took him away, Rio never trusted us enough to step up on our hands but was happy to be moved around on small stand and was was great with getting into travel cage, after sometime when his respiratory infection got treated he became little chatter box especially if washing machine was on and he absolutely loved all kind of toys, I was just looking today on some old pictures of him and realise how different he looked after few months of good diet and vet treatment… gonna post high little one… it was an honour to be your owner❤❤❤



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I lost my beloved DizzyBlue back in 2011 I can honestly say I still love him and I still think of him all the time can totally understand where your coming from Huge hugs to you


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That's amazing difference, looks like completely different bird. How ever long ago we loose a pet, they remain in our hearts and thoughts for the rest of our lives.


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Ah bless hun, they touch our hearts so darn quick don't they? They are never forgotten. I am so sorry for the loss of Rio. Fly free and fly high little one.
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