Is This Safe For The Parrots?


It doesn't state what metal it is but I think I would be ideal for filling with paper and nuts and veg for foraging

Michael Reynolds

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I would not use it its like the spiral feeders that poundland sold birds can get stuck also the clip is a hazard as they are not strong enough for caiques I have had birds with clip and a ring stuck its not good.


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It can be not very safe to be honest, but i use exactly, or at least looks like this one, for Rosie, i stuff it with leaves, greens, chewable bits, sticks that she pulls out and deconstructs! The gaps on mine are as wide as the gaps between the parrot cage, so yeah, i gues ot depends on your parrots size etc... i don't keep ot constantly in the cage? Ots one of those "guest" toys, amd it is as well hanged on the stand... ;)
Yeah you can see the spiral type to the right of the silver ball things, not good!

Oh well, guess I'll leave it, id like a foraging ball for them but I'm reluctant to pay £7 each for a plastic one for both of them
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