is this not the cutest thing


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So me and Bert have a little nighttime routine, basically a little game we play and then I cover him leaving half one side open and i lay down on the floor, he comes down and sits next the the bars on the bottom and we have a tickle and say nite nite, this goes on for around 15-20 minutes (it seems to calm him as we used to have issues with him chewing the blanket and generally not settling)

well all the time i'm led down he won't make a peep, he dances and plays for the first bit then settles for a tickle.

As soon as I sit up I get this every single time, we also get this when we enter or leave the room from 7:50/8pm onwards his little "im ready for bed thing"

Its just the cutest thing ever, boring vid but listen to that little voice :feel_loved:

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