is this hormones??


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So today i was watching a video on youtube and someone said that their bird would lift up their wing and then regurgitate on her. The other day i also saw a vid saying that their bird was lying down with beak up in the air.

Both those things is what Blaise does. i didn’t think it was hormones because she’s only about 5/6 months old. i just thought the lying down with beak up was what she’s like because she’s a mouthy bird so she always likes to put her beak around my fingers. I realised she always does lift up her wing. i didn’t know that was a hormonal behaviour. in terms of regurgitating she’s done it once i believe. i put it down to her eating too much. she was eating a lot and i mean a lot of veggies 😂 she loves her veggies! so i didn’t think much of it when she was on me and she did it. she actually brought up the food which mine never fully have so again i thought she had eaten too much.

Not sure if it’s hormones because she’s so young. i only ever stroke her head and her beak because she seems to like that. so i’m not touching her body at all. i can’t think of what else i could be doing which could be brining on hormonal behaviours.

Could you let me know if this is hormonal behaviours and what should i be doing? If i’ve managed to make this all make sense for you to read!
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