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Not sure is this the best, but we have both parrots insured by exotic direct, they got 3 types of cover : basic ( doesn’t include vet fees) essential and premium, both essential and premium include vet fees, I think there is another insurance company British Pet Insurance which insures parrots but never used it
For birds, there is only Exotic Direct (who we're with) and British Pet Insurance (started by an ex employee of ED). They're apparently very similar, but BPI were cheaper last time we looked as they're so new. We keep meaning to double check everything and possibly switch, but by the time we get round to it, the renewal has already started and we say "next year then" :lol:


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Jardine Jessie is insured with BPI. Last year, when Eclectus Frankie became very ill and sadly passed away, they dealt with the claim very efficiently. They didn't even question Frankie's purchase price, which was part of the claim, even though we had no evidence and no receipt to back it up.


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Bert was with exotic direct and to be honest I cant fault them, first year and they payed out no problem in excess of £1200.


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Pico is with Exotic Direct now. He was not insured when he got sick last year, and xrays etc cost us over £1000. I got him insured afterwards and declared to then that he has ABV, and they haven't questioned anything. I have no idea if they would pay out if we claimed for more x rays or tests - as its a pre-existing condition.
But if he has to go to the vet for any thing else, it should be covered.


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A little heads up with insurance or all the ones I researched.

As a rule they will not cover pre existing conditions (which kind of makes sense)
Generally, well all that I spoke to would exclude any pre-existing condition on the next years renewal, so in. basic, if they get ill in year 1, chances are that would not be covered year two/three etc.

With both the mains and one other you get a "pot" on money, dictated by the cover you take out, so for instance mine was 5k.

Now all but exotic, started each new agreement with a fresh cover, so each year you start with a fresh 5k, Exotic were the only ones that woulds "carry over" any of the 5k left from last policy to keep treating an existing illness. so if they get ill and it cost £100 a month, year two and so on that condition would be excluded but you could carry on using the 5k "Pot" from year one un till it ran out, so basically you could treat "that" condition every month for 50 months.

All of the others had the "end of policy term end of help" policy.

Also check the details, most don't cover "supplements" which you think is fine but Berts Liver "meds" were the dearest of all and they classed it as liver supplement, hence not covered.

if you need me to explain better just ask.
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