In Memory of our beloved Dolly one year on


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Its 12 months to the day since Dolly left us and we would like to leave a belated ‘In Memory’.

We only found this forum 4 months after that terrible day, we were looking for answers to our deep grief. Others around us have dogs, horses, sheep and when we tried to express our grief, we just got the reply ‘it’s only a bird’. Finding The Parrot Club has been such a great help and comfort, knowing we are not alone in feeling this way after losing Dolly. Thank you everyone.

So, this is for Dolly. You were two years old when you came into our lives, you had experienced some upsets but soon settled and grew into an intelligent, beautiful and loving companion. You were young, we were older and we thought you would be with us forever but you were only with us for 23 short years. As we have no family you became our ‘Little Girl’ and we loved you dearly. You dominated our daily routine and never failed to make us laugh, even when you were being naughty. You would guard me and ‘see off’ my husband and when I left the room you would be all cute with him to get his attention. At bed time you would have a stroke from both of us, your cage was then covered – “Night night Dolly, night night Darling” – you would reply with a kiss. We remember you singing along to your favourite music, the house is so quiet now, there has been no music since you left for the Rainbow Bridge.

In the last year there has not been a day or even an hour when one of us has not thought of you, we will never forget you and love you to the end.

The only bright times are when we see a rainbow and we say Dolly’s popped over the bridge to check on us.

Stay safe and happy over the Rainbow Bridge little girl, till we meet again.

For Dolly.
Gone from view but never from the heart :heart1: and remembered always with love.
Flying high over 🌈 rainbow bridge xx
Dear Dolly gone but never forgotten and will always be around you somewhere xx
She is absolutely beautiful. What a huge hole she must have left in your lives. Until you meet again! 🌈 💞
13th June, not a good day.

Its two years today since we lost you, as promised we have remembered you every day and some days there is barely an hour goes by when you are not in our thoughts.

It does not get easier with time; you will always be missing from our lives.

Stay safe and happy over the Rainbow Bridge little girl, until we meet again.

Dolly potrait web9.jpgDollys rainbow web.jpg
Rainbow showing the location to the pot of gold and a stairway to heaven :heart1: I bet that rainbow connects you and your mummys hearts. x
It’s that day again, 13th June, now 3 years since you left us for your adventures over the Rainbow Bridge.

3 years, 156 weeks and countless hours, none of which you have been far from our thoughts and hearts.

The pain will be with us until we meet again, be safe and happy over the Rainbow Bridge little girl.

Mummy and Daddy.

Dolly 3 year memorial 2.jpg
Gorgeous Dolly, hope you've made some lovely friends over the bridge and found my Tommy (Blue front)xx
Sweet beautiful Dolly hope your having lots of sunbathing at Rainbow Bridge look out for my DizzyBlue easy to spot he'll be the trouble causer :heart1: Kisses all round hunni xx
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