In Loving Memory of Bert


I'm so sorry to hear this @Scott199 I can only imagine the hurt you all must be feeling just now having lost him especially so suddenly. He had a good life with you and your family and I'm sure he knew how loved he was through it all. It was lovely seeing all the videos you posted of him, those are such lovely memories to cherish. RIP Bert ❤


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Oh Scott, I am so terribly sorry for your loss 😢. You guys had done so well together... fly high Bert, know how much you were loved and how much you will be missed xx


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OMG I am so very sorry @Scott199. You had worked wonders with him. Sorry he had to go so soon. Fly high and free Bert. :heart1:


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So very sorry to read this
Fly free little one over rainbow bridge.
Scott your an awesome parrot person nobody could have done more for that little one or fought side by side with him than you. Lesser people have crumbled long ago. Coming to live with you for the time he had left was a blessing for him although you don't feel that, he knew he was loved and cherished and I know he would have felt that from you and your family. Big hugs to you all xx :besos:

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such a sad news after you had spent so much love and effort to make his life better, you had given Bert a good life and been so caring, rest peacefully and enjoy your flight to Rainbow bridge Bert, you will be missed by all your family


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Only just read this and I am absolutely gutted for you. Over the past few months with Bert you have been an absolute champion in his care and done your very best for him Scott, RIP Bert.

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Very sorry to hear this. I hope you feel that your efforts with him and the care you provided were very worthwhile.
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