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Important Info For All African Grey Parrot Keepers - Re Cites 1

Discussion in 'Parrot Chatter' started by TomsMum, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Was it not straightforward then?
  2. Kendra

    Kendra Regular Member

    I really do not understand the fuss over 'pet' birds, they are pets and will never be going anywhere or breeding or showing, so why the hassle?
  3. Shirley

    Shirley Regular Member

    I just like to keep all paper work in order Kendra even right down to the vets , my way of thinking if anything happens to me it doesn't make life harder for who ever has Scooby .

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  4. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Well done Graham
  5. Kendra

    Kendra Regular Member

    That makes sense @Shirley, would not Tom keep him?
  6. Shirley

    Shirley Regular Member

    Yes Tom would keep him Kendra but better to have paper work inorder just in case better to be safe than sorry x

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  7. Dexterafrican grey

    Dexterafrican grey Regular Member

    Hi I've just joined this group an have a very young African grey , do I need to get my boy registered An also about insuring him , any advice on who to do this with ?
  8. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Your bird would need to be registered under the CITES regulations if you wished to breed from him/her, or if you wished to sell him/her in the future - and that means any monies changing hands...e.g you couldn't say the bird was free, but cage etc cost money, also if you partake with the bird in any commercial activities......display to paying guests, film photography work etc.
    If you wished to gift your bird to someone in future you would need to complete gifting paperwork.
    It is not necessary to register a companion bird that won't breed.

    With regards to insurance ...this can give you cover for theft/loss, veterinary fees, and death depending on what cover you take out. There are two companies specialising in covering Avians

    Exotic Direct - https://www.exoticdirect.co.uk/

    And Equine and Livestock - https://www.eandl.co.uk/
  9. Dexterafrican grey

    Dexterafrican grey Regular Member

    Thank you for explaining this to me , he's just a let An not for breeding or showing , but will check insurers out , Thks again tomsMum
  10. Dexterafrican grey

    Dexterafrican grey Regular Member

  11. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

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  12. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

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  13. Olsha

    Olsha Registered

    Hello, just wondering if this is only for African Greys or any other types of parrots?
  14. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    there are quite a few species that are currently classed as endangered to a point that they are given CITES I status the reason for the DEFRA rules is to attempt to stop wild birds getting caught and ending up in the pet trade. the reason why the grey has been posted is that they have only at the beginning of the year been upgraded to CITES I
  15. Olsha

    Olsha Registered

    is there a page that talks about the cities as i cant find it?
  16. DizzyBlue

    DizzyBlue Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Hi and welcome to the forum :) The information you require is as follows:-
    List of Cites Annex “A” psittacines
    All of these birds need to have proper DEFRA paperwork
    Species “Common” Name Scientific Name

    Goffins Cockatoo Cacatua Goffini
    Citron Crested Cockatoo Cacatua Sulphurea Citrinocristata
    Palm Cockatoo Probosciger Aterrimus
    Mullocan or Salmon Crested Cockatoo Cacatua Moluccensis
    Philippine or Red Vented Cockatoo Cacatua Haematuropygia
    Lesser Sulphur Crested / Yellow Crested Cockatoo Cacatua Sulphurea
    Abbots Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo Cacatua Sulphurea Abbotti
    Timor Cockatoo Cacatua Sulphurea Parvula

    Loriidae Lories, lorikeets
    Red & Blue Lorikeet Eos Histrio
    Blue / Ultra Marine Lorikeet Vini Ultramarina

    Psittacidae Amazons, macaws, parakeets, parrots
    Yellow Shouldered Amazon Amazona Barbadensis
    Red Necked Amazon Amazona Arausiaca
    Red Tailed Amazon Amazona Basiliensis
    St Vincents Amazon Amazona Guildingii
    Lilac Crowned Amazon Amazona Finschi
    Imperial Amazon Amazona Imperialis
    Cuban Amazon Amazona Leucocephala
    Double Yellow Headed Amazon – sub species Amazona Ochrocephala
    Double Yellow Headed Amazon – sub species Amazona Auropalliata
    Double Yellow Headed Amazon – sub species Amazona Ochrocephala Tresmariae
    Double Yellow Headed Amazon – sub species Amazona Ochrocephala Parvipes
    Double Yellow Headed Amazon – sub species Amazona Ochrocephala Oratrix
    Double Yellow Headed Amazon – sub species Amazona Ochrocephala Caribaea
    Double Yellow Headed Amazon – sub species Amazona Ochrocephala Belizensis
    Red Specticled Amazon Amazona Pretrei
    Red Browed Amazon Amazona Rhodocorytha
    Tucuman Parrot Amazona Tucumana
    St Lucia Amazon Amazona Versicolor
    Vinaceous Amazon Amazona Vinacea
    Green Cheeked Amazon Amazona Viridigenalis
    Puerto Rican Amazon Amazona Vittata
    Hyacinth Macaw Anodorhynchus Hyacinthinus
    Lears Macaw Anodorhynchus Leari
    Glaucous Macaw Anodorhynchus Glaucus
    Great green Macaw Ara Ambigua
    Blue-Throated Macaw Ara Glaucogularis
    Scarlet Macaw Ara Macao
    Illegers Macaw Ara Maracana
    Military Macaw Ara Militaris
    Red Fronted Macaw Ara Rubrogenys
    Spixs Macaw Cyanopsitta Spixii
    Golden Conure Aratigea Guarouba
    Chatham Island / Forbes Yellow Fronted Parakeet Cyanoramphus Forbesi
    Norfolk Island Parakeet Cyanoramphus Novaezelandiae
    Coxens Double Eyed Fig Parrot Cyclopsitta Diophthalma Coxeni
    Horned Parakeet Eunymphicus Cornutus
    Night Parrot Geopsittacus Occidentalis
    Orange Bellied Parakeet Neophema Chrysogaster
    Yellow Eared Conure Ognorhynchus Icterotis
    Ground Parrot Pezoporus Wallicus
    Pileated / Red Capped Parrot Pionopsitta Pileata
    Blue Headed Macaw Propyrrhura Couloni
    Blue Winged Macaw Propyrrhura Maracana
    Golden Shouldered Parrot Psephotus Chrysopterygius
    Hooded Parrot Psephotus Dissimilis
    Paradise Parakeet Psephotus Pulcherrimus (possibly extinct)
    Mauritius (Echo) Parakeet Psittacula Echo
    Ring Necked Parakeet Psittacula Krameri (Ghana)
    Blue Throated Parakeet Pyrrhura Cruentata
    Kakapoo Strigops Habroptilus
    Thick Billed Parrot Rhynchopsitta Pachyrhyncha
    Maroon Fronted Parakeet Rhynchopsitta Terrisi
    Blue Throated Parakeet Pyrrhura Cruentata

    Please note that the African Grey (Psittacus erithacus) and Timnah Grey (Psittacus timneh) have now been added to this listing as of 2016 however the enforcement date 2017
    Confirmed by DEFRA obviously came into force after a period of month .....

    Any bird that is deemed to be a hybrid of any Annex A bird is also classed as being protected species and must have its official paperwork if it is for commercial usage in any shape or form ......

    I took this information from a post I did on here back in 2012 so just in case you need more information then you need the following link and if you have further queries please contact the Cites office for proper guidance. http://checklist.cites.org/#/en box number one you can enter the common name or the latin name or indeed the name groupage such as Psittaciformes then in the next box you can either leave it as all or if you wish to see if a particular bird species is on list 1 or 2 or 3 select that number and then in the end box select the country you live in. If you need to speak with the Cites people for clarification then use this details to contact them https://www.gov.uk/guidance/cites-imports-and-exports Defra issue the paperwork but Cites control it .... And the Cites people are lovely and really easy to chat too no issue too small for them to help out with not scary peeps as is often thought about speaking to "The Government" :)
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  17. Olsha

    Olsha Registered

    So are all these birds on the "cities" list so you need to get pappers for them to sell them? because you have indian ringneck on that list and i dont see any being sold with papers
  18. Parrot797

    Parrot797 Regular Member

    It is an African Ringneck on the list.
  19. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Hi Olsha and :welcome: to the forum

    As Parrot797 States the Indian Ringneck Parakeet- Psittacula krameri manillensis is not under CITES regulation
    The African Ringneck Parakeet Psittacula Krameri Krameri is Appendix I classified

    All Appendix I classifed species require Article 10 paperwork to cover sales and any other commercial use.
  20. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    the CITES I ringneck is native to Ghana another of the same family the Echo (slightly larger) also known as the Mauritus parakeet is also on the list. but unfortunately the Seychelles parakeet and the Newtons Parakeet are thought to be extinct. @Parrot797 have you seen the blue and white Macaw called Silver (I know you are interested in rear mutations)