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There little green cheeks toni is right they are cinnamon in mutation. Really lovely little birds albeit they can be nippy an test you slightly at times(like most parrots). Nice seed mix for them is tidy mix or as30. Mine enjoy all types of veg with a small amount of fruit. Really energetic an fun. If there tame then you will have a hard job getting them off you they love people if theres a couple of them you may find there more interested in eachother an not so much you. Good luck with them x


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Conures, last year I found a Conure mutation for my SIL, lovely little boy, was a male breeding bird who's wife had died. Forget exactly what specific type he was supposed to be but looked healthy and cheerful, the feathers were very muted/pale and I understood they were meant to be that way. First molt, colours much deeper and brighter, 2 nd molt, very vivid and sharp, totally changed colour. When they have a new home on a suitable diet you do not know what colours they will be, a lovely surprise maybe? Hope you have the fun my SIL has had with her little #Joey, such marvelous birds.
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