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Tip yes - please do not have his wings clipped, he is meant to fly. The uncomfortable stage will pass and he will be able to do what birds should do and that is fly. I think the practice of wing clipping is extremely cruel. As for his nails if you use natural wood like apple/hazel/willow for perches they will exercises his feet and usually keep the nails trim, nails are meant to be pointed and usually sharp if is only when they grow quite long and they have difficulty climbing they may need to be expertly trimmed. You can also purchase rough perches like 'Polly perches' or whatever they are called that can help re nails, although they sometimes make the bottom of their feet sore.

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Hi how are things in Israel, we are still on lockdown, first of all i cannot advise wing clipping, most vets in the UK will not clip wings with out a medical condition like the bird being blind. if you check the post "National geographic" you will see me working with a white bird nebulizing it. unfortunately had Phycological problems after wing clipping that started with plucking and went on to self harm. with all the help i gave the bird it finally damaged itself so badly it could not be healed. you can use rough perches to keep nails under control
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