I dont know about you,but


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I don’t know who wrote this but SOMEONE FINALLY put into words what I’ve been thinking and I couldn't agree more!
I’m sick of covid-19.
I’m sick of black vs. white.
I’m sick of labour vs conservative
I’m sick of gay vs. straight or binary vs fluid. We’re individuals.
I’m REALLY sick of the media.
I’m sick of the language being used and plastered all over the media...
I’m sick of no one being allowed to think what they want & feel what they do without offending someone.
I am sick of the people who are out there jumping on the bandwagon to protest just to cause mass confusion and more hatred and to riot, loot, and destroy...
I am sick of blaming the world for the sins of a few.
I like meat, again your choice not to eat meat, my choice is to eat some meat.
I’m sick of people who think that 60yr old history is our fault... it’s HISTORY... learn about it, don’t repeat some of it, it’s over - get over it!!
We’re one race—the human race. We All Matter!!
You want to support Boris Johnson, You do it! It’s your choice.
You want to support Starmer? Fine... also your choice!
You want to believe in God? Okay, believe in God.
You want to believe in magical creatures that fly around & sprinkle fairy dust to make life better? Awesome... you do it!!
BUT how about being mature enough to be able to deal with the fact that everyone doesn’t have the same exact mind-set as you. Having our own minds is what makes us all individuals and beautiful. If you can’t handle that fact....I’m sorry!! I don’t have to agree with everything you believe in however, you will still be my friend.
So be a decent human being. Love one another, be kind, be humble, be thankful, help a stranger and do a good deed, daily


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Oh Chucky, I am also fed up of the media, I will not watch the news, adverts etc.... Too be honest I have hardly noticed covid, are we still in lockdown or not?


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Ive had to stop reading anything to do with covid 19 im one of those people read something 20 mins later i think i have all the symtoms. It was making me really depressed an constantly worried someone walked past the gate an id want to run out an clean my steps. Not quite that bad but you get my drift it was all making me quite anxious.


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Refuse to watch the Beeb news tbh waste of time.

There should be something added to say that we don't own the earth, it wasn't made solely for us and we should stop ripping it up and killing it's inhabitants that have as much right to live as we do, poss more as they are not intent on over populating it to oblivion. But that's just my view . . . .
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