How To Attract Parrots ??

Samin Alakozay

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Hi guys
Hope everyone is well
Few months ago my 1 year old parrot (Indian ring neck) Jack passed away from being soo sick :-(

I haven’t brought my self to buying a new parrot however where I live in west London at times hundreds of ring necks flyover my house squawking and having fun....

I was wondering if there is a way to attracting them in my garden? To feed them some fruits ect my garden doesn’t have a tree but it does have a huge grape vine

What’s the best way to achieve this?

Thanks parrot community


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Just hang out some bird feeders filled with nuts and seeds the wild native birds will appreciate the help and ringnecks are living down there so may find them eventually, there are no guarantees but my brother-in-law photographed the wild flocks down there a couple of years ago raiding peoples feeder stations.
You could also look up which parks the wild flocks are hanging around in and go there and feeds them if we have a hard winter they will come looking for the food but be careful lots of people consider them pests as they are none native.

Michael Reynolds

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Hello Samin, Ringneck parakeets are always a little nervous but have learnt to live amongst us and take advantage of all available food sources, get yourself or make up a flat round table and place it in full view from the sky. get a bird feeder tree and set that up next to it, ringnecks may be a little nervous at first to approach it but when they see other birds feeding they will investigate and learn that there are goodies to eat, there is a video on you tube of an indian guy whom feeds loads every morning just type in "feeding wild ringnecks" he is amazing. just noticed Dizzy's reply regarding feed to provide,
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