House Goals


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No, becomes too hot in summer and freezing in winter, unless you can afford to cool/heat a glass house. We have had partial sun rooms for them but the result is basically the same so this time we are having an adapted standard house room with outdoor access.


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I see the conservatory has those automatic lifting thermostat control roof panels on it down the ridge line (currently in the open position of your picture) you might be wanting to take out mass accounts with the lost and found places :yikes: ... then again at Amazon hormonal meltdown scream your little socks off time of year that could be lovely for any neighbours :risas3:
Mind you … the chimney at the end of the build is unusual …. wonder if that is to heat during the winter?! :thinking:

Think you need plan B …. topical island in the middle of nowhere and just put the entire island under an aviary :thumbsup:
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