Holidaying without your parrot :-(


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Hi, I'm looking for emotional help really. Our Grey always goes everywhere we us and this has been so easy until Brexit. I have tried to get information as to what forms I need to travel with him and have been told all different information. I have all my forms apart from a Personal Owner Certificate. He can't travel without this. I have begged for them to expediate it but to no avail
. Really what I am looking for is has anyone had someone else to look after their Grey, if so how did the Grey cope? Did it effect them at all? I'm hoping for good responses to put my mind at rest.
We have to go for personal reasons but are heartbroken we cannot take him. Please someone have some positive examples it would really help x


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In my opinion the best thing to do would be to contact the Parrot Society I am sure they can advise. You will have to google them for info as their office is manned certain hours or you can email them. Good luck.

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one other form you will need is his CITES DEFRA paperwork, you should be able to find out what tests you will need to take your bird abroad and how close the tests have to be done from your avian vet. they may be able to help answer your questions


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There are a couple of people who are registered and insured holiday places members use.
There is a member called Deli @Dell27
If Dell is in the wrong end of the country your vet is an option think GWExotics does it as well.
There is also a place called Toos Nest Bird Boarding in Maidstone
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