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Hiya Help With My Rosella Needed

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by layla, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Hi Layla and :welcome: to the forum....some good tips from Scarf and Garp there.
    I use iPad and iPhone...so piccies are always too large...so I just email them to myself, and the email let's you choose a lower resolution/file size. When you want to post piccie in thread click on the upload a file button at the bottom of the box you're writing your message in, and follow the prompts.
    You can also upload a media gallery..... go right to the top of page, and under the Parrot Club title you'll see three menu headers forums, media, and members.
  2. layla

    layla Regular Member Registered

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  3. layla

    layla Regular Member Registered

    thanks for the good tips that way is alot quicker I didn't think of that thanks. Who is the beautiful bird on your profile pic...
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  4. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    That's Chiko ...yellow crowned Amazon.....who is nearly two .......oh boy....hormones and terrible twos! I also have Charlie Blue Crowned Conure who is 28 ... and also behaving like terrible twos especially tonight.....the noise!
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  5. layla

    layla Regular Member Registered

    Beautiful sound like you have your hands full.......28 wow I hope my babies have a long healthy life.
  6. Scarf

    Scarf Regular Member

    Yay will be lovely to see pics.

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  7. Roz

    Roz Regular Member

    Well done with all the training you have obviously done already. He sounds like he is a wonderful companion.

    As with all problem behaviour, the first thing is to ask "why?". And you have already identified the reason/reinforcer for the screaming as, your daughter leaving the room. Great thinking not to have her re-enter the room whilst he's screaming.... but to reinforce quiet instead. If this isn't adhered to EVERY time, ie. your daughter comes back into the room sometimes whilst he's screaming, then she will have inadvertently put the behaviour on an intermittent schedule of reinforcement. This makes for extremely persistent behaviour. The Rosella is thinking... ah, so if I scream loud enough and long enough, she'll eventually come back in.

    To remove the reinforcement for the behaviour as above is only part of the answer, as using this alone can build frustration which may well = more screaming. So as well as being careful not to reinforce the behaviour, reinforce another behaviour the Rosella already knows how to do. This is easier for the bird than to reinforce a non behaviour like being "quiet". It may be giving him other things to do like foraging just before your daughter leaves the room, giving him a toy he particularly likes only for the time your daughter leaves the room. Reinforcing the cheeky things he gets up to whilst out of the cage, etc. All these things can help redirect his attention and keep him occupied. Can he say anything/whistle that you can put on cue? If so your daughter could cue the word/whistle as she walks out of the door and keep answering him... that would eventually teach him another way to communicate instead of the screaming.

    Another thing your daughter could do is shape his relaxed body language as she leaves the room. She could work on this now and again throughout the day... just a few minutes here and there. First time she may just complete the first five steps. Her presence is the reinforcer so work with that. She could deliver a treat too if wished but her presence might be reinforcer enough. Experiment!
    Daughter could walk over towards him and praise his relaxed body language (baseline).
    Daughter takes one step away... she reinforces his relaxed body language (RBL) by going back to praise him highly.
    Daughter takes two steps away. She reinforces his relaxed body language by going back to praise him.
    Three steps... goes back to praise his RBL or might start praising from a distance (depends on his reaction)
    Four steps... goes back to praise his RBL or might praise from afar if that is reinforcing enough...
    And so on until she reaches the door. She goes back to praise his RBL (a big step to reach the door so definitely go back to him to reinforce)
    Break down exiting through the door also into tiny steps. One leg out of the door (go back to praise his RBL). Half a body out of the door (go back to praise his RBL)... until her whole body is out of the door. Go back to heavily praise his RBL. Then shape duration that she's outside the door... 1 second. 2 seconds. 3 seconds... etc.

    If the Rosella fails any step go back to the last successful one and break the steps down even smaller.

    These are just suggestions ... and I like Scarf's suggestions too.
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  8. Bob

    Bob Bird Whisperer Staff Member Admin

    Hey Layla :)
  9. layla

    layla Regular Member Registered

    Hi thanks for your great reply. Yeah he is amazing and has worked really hard so far. We tried the first one you said by giving him one of his favourite things as she leaves the room but he will put it down and save it until she comes back. I will definitely try the next suggestion you made. She does sometimes sing his songs to him that he likes and joins in like Andy griffin and it does work to a point so maybe that's one she could reinforce for the short periods she is out of the room. Will let you know how were getting on in a few days. Thanks again.
  10. Scarf

    Scarf Regular Member

    Ah Roz I wish you had been around when Garp was tiny! But so true - keeping them occupied seems to be crucial to keeping the squeals down. And balancing out things they don't like with things they do. A pity they are so jolly clever. Now that we have the screaming down, and we have Garp cooperating with getting into her cage, it's getting her to behave in our new house with its very high ceilings and other human-unfriendly bird hangouts. Garp has one favourite perching spot at the top of a very high shelf and I don't like her sitting up there because I don't know what she's nibbling. So to get her to come down, I open the pantry cupboard where we keep the nuts and look at her meaningfully while helping myself to almonds. It worked for about a week. Now she looks at me as if to say, you must think I'm stupid....!

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  11. layla

    layla Regular Member Registered

    Hi thanks for your reply nice to meet you the other day.
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  12. layla

    layla Regular Member Registered

    Hi all. Today we have had a major break through with spotty boy. We managed to go for long showers and spot didn't scream the house down he just sat there singing Andy Griffin on repeat. .:applaudit: plus he stepped up onto his mummy's arm 2 times and was happy to sit there. This is huge as he doesn't like to leave his special stick unless he's flying around or trying to break my furniture....oh yeah I must have had a dry bit of skin on my nose as he decided he was taking it off ouch..
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  13. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    they are so loveble birds and I miss not having them in my flock at the moment.
  14. Scarf

    Scarf Regular Member

    People say they are aviary birds and I understand they are not hugely cuddly like conures. But I do think this does them a disservice. I never met a sweeter natured little parrot than Garp. I have heard this of other rosellas too. Even if one doesn't quite succeed in the taming, you still have good company. Garp doesn't talk much or do tricks or the usual 'parrot stuff' but what a cheerful personality.

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  15. layla

    layla Regular Member Registered

    Totally agree I sometimes get a lot of stick saying I'm cruel to have a rosella in the house but I soon prove them otherwise. Spot would not survive outside he is totally dependent on my daughter she is his world. Yes I agree they don't talk or do many tricks but there chuntering and personality is worth a million. I have taught spot to turn though but will only do it if he's in a good mood. Do you have any new pictures of garp? What do you do for his entertainment looking for new ideas.
  16. layla

    layla Regular Member Registered

    Hi there is a pet shop near me that has a good stock of birds in. they have a few rosella s in there that i like to go chat to. There is one in particular I've fallen in love with his marking are like a marble rainbow sort of pattern and he always responds to me but apparently never shown interest in anyone else.
  17. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    From my experience not all species of rosellas get on well once mature. it is fine if they are in different rooms then I had no problems. but if they are in the same room then squabbles can happen. now I tried to introduce them together on many a time. whist young they had been fine.
  18. Zooamazons

    Zooamazons Regular Member

    Welcome Layla.

  19. layla

    layla Regular Member Registered

    Thanks hi :wave:
  20. Scarf

    Scarf Regular Member

    Sorry, errors with photos so reposting! What I said was:

    Ah now you've done it lol. Do I have pictures you ask [​IMG] *hauling out all 79908654322567888 and holding you hostage for the next hour*
    This is a terrible picture of me but I love the picture of Garp! I suffer from migraines and here she is on my head perched on my ice pack [​IMG]

    Another of her hanging out at the office

    Defending us from the sock-snakes (seriously she will sit and guard a single sock for hours to ensure it doesn't get up to any funny business)

    And my personal favourite of her pulling her Cleopatra face

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