Hi I Am Back!with A New Baby Parrot Soon.

nikol witch

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Hello my friends, how are you these days? I was off for a long time.

I have ssssooo many problems, a court,unfinished yet, some health problems and tons of work here at my job.

But i decided to find some time everyday to write you from now and on.

My 3 babies are great, they are getting older and fatter haha.

For those who do not remember i have 1 caique and 2 senegals.

Today after work i will meet a family with economical problems, most of you i think have knowledge about what is happening in my country Greece these months.

They asked me to rescue their female 3 year old senegal parrot Zuri.

Zuri also happens to be Merlin's sister,from the same breeder, and same parents and birth.

I will keep you updated soon with photos and news.




Hi Nikol,

It's good to hear from you. My niece is married to a lovely Greek chap, and his family live in Athens, and I know how difficult things can be for people there with the economy, so it is good to hear that you are going to help out with this little Senegal.... So your flock is growing...... You'll be busier than ever! Best wishes to you and hope that things will improve for all Greek Citizens.

nikol witch

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Hi to you too :)

yes the situation here is extremely difficult. I hope your niece and his family are fine here,i hope.

If they need any help let me know.

I decided to  help with little Zuri because this couple are friends of mine and i know in how bad condition they are.

I am a little better but not in good economical condition as well.
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Hi Nikol

So pleased to hear from you again.

That is great if you can help your friends with little Zuri, they will appreciated it.

I do hope things will eventually improve economically for you all over there.


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Nikol been wondering where you are! so lovely to hear from you! sounds like very hard times for you at the moment but how wonderful you are giving Zuri a home and its Merlin's sister! look forward to hearing all about her and piccies of course! :)

nikol witch

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DianaT, Lou thank you both :)

I try and i do my best!!!! yes i face many problems at the moment but the problems are for us, humans to solve them!!!

I also broke up with my husband few months ago and was quite hard too.


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Hi Nikol, so glad you're back.  I very much hope things will get better for you very soon, these are difficult times around the world.

What wonderful news, and new chick, and Merlin's sister, I love the names, and so look forward to seeing photos of all your birdies again very soon.

Take care of yourself.



Michael Reynolds

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Hello nikol I just wonder how you are all under pressure with the economy the way it has been and how much stress this has brought to you and your husband that may of contributed to the split.  Some times I wonder about the EEC and how the policies and joining may have caused the inflation problems you have now.  I have never been to Greece but the people I have known have all been nice and it looks a fantastic place to live.  Well taking on the sister of one of your birds sound great but plese make sure none of the others are female if they are (Even from the same family) they will end up fighting if they get the chance as I would not want you to end up with an injured or dead bird.  By the way my best friend Ntinos at school was Greek.  They move to the Greek side of Cypress..  it good to hear from you  


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Long time no see, lovely to have you back online can't wait for all the piccies your going to have to add to show us how your bidirs are getting along - hint hint hint! :laugh:


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Hello nikol, it's a great thing you are doing by helping your friends. Particularly in this current climate.

I have friends that live in Zante, they say they've had a good season. It's going to take a long time to recover I think.
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