Hi From Ashford


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joined the forum yesterday, really enjoyed parrot show in Maidstone, brought a ringneck (hen semi tame but still a bit unsure, bite marks to prove it!!)

Already had a cockatoo and macaw, both unseeded as we keep our birds as pets, not to breed. Also have a make shift aviary which are 4 X cocktailso, a quackery and a pair of red rump.

Look forward to hearing back from you all soon.



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Hi :welcome:   from me and my flock

Sounds like you are well into birdie keeping!!!

Look forward to some photos - and good luck with the IRN  !


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hey and welcome to the forum! ooo yes piccies pls, tell us more about them and their names!

Michael Reynolds

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hello Karendean we may of met yesterday was it the yellow ring neck you bought?  i had Beryl with me (Green ringneck.)  if it was I will vouch for the person you bought it from They are a lovely family and do take great care of the birds that they have.  well I will say welcome to the forum and any advice you want just ask away.  
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