Hi All, we're new.


Morning All.
Just wanted to introduce us. I'm Angie and I have had my rescue Indian Ringneck fior 2 weeks now.
She is called Toni, is between 5-8yrs and has settled I'm really well with us.
The vet said her weight is perfect (138g) and has advised on feeding and care. The vet is based in Bristol and was excellent.
Toni is such a sweet little bird. She is beginning to trust me and we have started clicker training for step ups etc.
She gives me plenty of warning if she is not happy with something (lithle growls) and when I have got it wrong, she has nipped me but very, very gently.
It's a learning curve everyday for us both.

Welcome to you and Toni, as has been said we do have quite a few IRN people on here, any question ask away someone will be around to advise best they can. Toni is gorgeous.
Hi and welcome from me and my flock :wave:
We seem to have a lot of new ringneck owners which is great :)
@Wera has two and she's very experienced in keeping them
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