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Ian Lemar

Hi all my Indian ringneck ( Rico ) love his plastic bird that we hang in his cage but it started to look worn out as his always playing with it when he's in his cage. I'm trying to find him a replacement but the place I bought from no longer exists. Any idea where I can buy another one from or something very similar. I have attached a picture of the toy below. Thanks in advanceScreenshot_20191130-220243~2.png

Michael Reynolds

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Hello and welcome, that was quite a popular budgie toy, but I have not noticed one for a while. how old is Rico? I love IRN's I have four myself


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That toy was made under the manufacturer name of Trixie and anybody with a Trixie account should be able to order it in for you via their catalogue. I know that Pets at Home have a Trixie account perhaps they would order some in for you (I say some as its better to have a couple spare) I get my Trixie avian light bulbs ordered in locally for me
This is a link to the Trixie website you can't order direct from them but it gives you the catalogue number in case you find somebody locally who will order it in for you catalogue number is 5309

I did find somewhere that has them in stock have never used this particular shop before but they do seem to have them but would recommend you change the clip that it hangs from as those things are a nightmare Bird Charity £1.99
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