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i’ve seen green cheeks going around £300 now. not sure if it’s because of lockdown like puppy breeders have done or because green cheeks are more popular. for a hand reared one £300 seems to be the general price i’ve seen


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Hi all. Sorry to bother you again. Went to the pet shop today and they had some conures and I loved them. They were so playful and cheeky. Has any 1 got any and what are your thoughts about them. Thanks
We have two small children, a one-year old and a three-year old, and also two little conures (a Crimson-bellied conure and a Painted (Santarém) conure), which we acquired as babies and hand-raised, about a year before our first child was born. Both very playful and cute, can be a bit nervous and flighty at times. One (the Crimson bellied, who is a little warrior) will firmly nip people she knows over very minor infractions of her Birdy Rules For Human Behaviour, and has been known to bite strangers she takes a dislike to hard enough to draw blood. The other took a dislike to my wife after weaning and frequently shows aggression to her, but is a little feathered angel with me, more or less (she won't really go to other people anyway). Neither has ever bitten the two children, but they don't have much direct contact and are never in the same space unsupervised.

Elder daughter and birds have been winding each other up lately over her toys - they don't like her picking them up and waving them around, and tend to have a good screech at her when she does so; whereas she claims to be scared of the screeching. Several boxes full of her toys have therefore been stashed next to their cage lately for the birdies to guard, which reduces mess levels in the house significantly, given that her grandparents get her an excessive number of toys and she really has too many at present. She won't go to take any toys from near the birdie cage without an adult to accompany her (apparently toys just sitting there are fine so far as birds are concerned, it's when they are picked up and waved around by a child that they object).

Elder daughter is also quite friendly with her great-aunt's young Amazon parrot, who she seems to prefer to the conures and interacts with quite frequently (she lives next door and often brings him out in his cage), and they seem to enjoy dancing/singing/screeching to each other. So far she has obeyed orders not to put her fingers through the bars of the cage, as although he is fairly tame with his owner, we don't particularly trust his beak. Her favourite bird, however, is our one remaining budgie, who she describes as "cute", and "my friend". She will often pluck up the courage to come and scratch her tummy when she hangs on the side of her cage and begs us for attention in the evening (she won't come to us when out, as she is not particularly tame despite enjoying this attention).
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