Goodmorning:) If I stop teasing Marcus and approach him this way he gets less aggressive. My little princess also she gets used to us two interacting. She doesn’t look pissed

I also put a pillow to their cage and sit down with them instead of using a chair. He is more safe I guess -relaxed and less aggressive if he feels he is higher than me. He gets my treats. Maybe if I keep up I could calm him down a lot maybe? 🤷🏻‍♂️
He is 60 days old. While was in the aviary with him and his the parents, he picked a nut from the floor and started biting it. So we started eating sardine…soft and easy to play :)
He is a very good learner I have to confess 😍
No Tash, I haven’t taken him away. I just got him inside (mum and dad have been watching) and started feeding him 🍠 very well cooked. He was like sucking instead of actually eating but I got pieces in its mouth and he was swallowing. He also got some egg and some orange.
Parrents both starting calling for me to return their baby back and so I immediately did. Its mum immediately started feeding it.
It was a nice one today 😍😍😍😍
That's lovely but don't be stressing them out by taking little one too early they won't forgive or forget if you do that plus they will go straight back into breeding mode and we don't want that happening until next season
I don't think my nerves can take another chick hatching just yet :risas3: but you now have the experience and so do they so all should be well in the future regardless of how many babies arrive :feel_loved:
That step up was learnt last Saturday. Haven’t been able to interact with him every day. But he remembered that fingers are a convenient place to chill a little :).

He is not getting out of the nest though. His parrents And especially his mother tries to pull him out, but he won’t. If they push him too much he punishes them and gets down to the basement and also forces them to climb down there too and feed him down there…watching him being so spoiled, they try to punish him too by leaving him on his own at night. They go sleeping outside at the perches and not at the nestbox nearby the nest 😂😂😂. They really are so so funny :).
I Have to leave them though for a week or a little more. I have to travel for work. And frankly I’m curious what will I face when I get back. Hope he still remembers me 🤔

They have excellent memories
Mum and dad obviously trying to encourage him out they want their box back :lol:
I guess so and that brood patch on her belly is there….and she is so in love with her nest. She acts so territorial inside there.
But will they go on to another clutch the moment he gets out? with that little guy in there too how would they mate? Or would they first kick him away and then proceed to their breeding thing?
he hatched on the 14th of may
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