There's a difference and she won't stop brooding she will go in to keep it company since its alone also the feeding will at day ten become thicker that she gives it so take a little longer to digest. She will still help it to regulate its temperature by keeping it warm or cooling it, keeping it clean and bonding with it verbally. Eyes will be opening shortly usually towards a week and a half so they have to be protected from sudden burst of light so no opening that box. So as I feel like I am reading your mind right now NO you can't call her out more :risas3:
same behavior again today. She hasn’t gotten out of that nest today Untill she heard me talking. It takes literally 2 minutes before she gets out. She climbs again ant that spot but there’s a difference today. I didnt feed her fish or chicken (she already had these) I offered her broccoli and carrots. She refused to eat them so I got to the feeding bowls calling her to join us. There were nuts and seeds and fruits..:she got some… and then Marcus told her to Go back to her chick and so she did…
You’re literally in my mind 🤣🤣🤣🤣…. That is what exactly I was thinking 😂😂😂 chicks are born inside tree holes where very little light is getting inside …so….i should not open that box again 😌😌

I left the house not in a good mood to be honest…. I was so disappointed seeing her having plucked her belly.is Not just that little hole she had when she was brooding those eggs. Now is a big part plucked. She wants to feel her chick and brood it? Will she be doing this from now on? Will she be getting like that from now on?

Not happy to see this new reality 😌😌😌😌
And i don’t care for this chick. I mean I do care care but if it’s mum is laying and raising chicks and keep doing this she will destroy her feathers there for ever 😓😕🤔🤢
The patch will repair when she's done with brooding and encourages chick out the nest box she's done it for a reason to closely monitor chick temperature.
She needs to slow down coming out the nest box that's when chicks get injured or bounced out the nest.
Goodmorning forum :)
I have been really busy with work plus my mother (who also takes care of this pair during the day) got the flu 🤒 … so I moved again (nights are really difficult 😓 trying to keep her temperature down). So I’m taking care those birdies too. But I have nothing to mention about the youngster. I never hear it crying or vocalizing asking for food I’m not opening that box since I’m very scared of harming its eyes. But its parents eat soooo much. Every day the consume more and more food and I can watch them heading inside the nest and after a while getting out again to drink only water. So I’m pretty sure it is alive
It’s been 17 days since it hatched.
I wouldn’t put a ring on its foot…I feel like it’s an inconvenient thing around its foot I’d really like not to… but on the other side they live so long 🤪. Any comments would be appreciated deeply ☺️
Have a nice day :)
Morning Antonio
I would sneak a look but only if they are already out of the box no calling them out like when you put food bowls in they come out.
Would be checking just once to see how many chicks are in there. You have to be extremely quiet do it when it's not too bright because baby could be really upset by intrusion plus for eye protection.
I would have thought you would have heard some noise the chicks make some really weird noises when being fed and some right loud crackling hissing growls when upset.
Absolutely no noise is odd especially if you don't hear even a shuffling noise of baby moving about perhaps little one hasn't made it and they have gone down on eggs again? At two and a half weeks it should be an ugly little pink dinosaur. If it's fine don't look again for another two weeks.
If you have the cites paperwork for both parents the chick needs to be registered so a microchip would do. I have taken a lot of rings off my birds due to the ring damaging the leg when older so am not a fan but do leave them on if they become a problem they are removed by the vet.
No she doesn’t get better even though 2 doctors have come to her place and examined her and told me about that flu but to My question why I don’t get sick too there’s no sufficient answer. (I sleep with her…these past nights i hold her tight close and I could feel her suffering… it didn’t look like a flu at all.. and it wasn’t. I took her to a private hospital and now her life is not in danger anymore. Fingers crossed I think i did it on time 😓😓😓😓😓… can’t even text u what would happen if I hadn’t brought her to the hospital
Doctors acted immediately …I left , got back home to add food to my birdies so they can eat lots when they wake up tomorrow and got back to the hospital again (I’ll be sleeping here the following nights)

Tasch, Marcus starts talking very very early and if I don’t get out and feed him he raises the decibels…He is asking for more food he won’t stop Untill I get him more. then my little princess gets out too, she take some food
And heads back to the nest .15-20 minutes later
she gets out again just to drink water and then she gets back to the nest again. I can understand they are feeding chick or chicks for sure. Week by week the food they consume increases remarkably. I’ll get back home tomorrow to add food and then I’ll leave again.
Goodness me, what an awful worry. Sending good wishes your mum makes a good recovery.:besos:
Thank you very much. I really appreciate your positive energy and wishes :)
Got back home Athens the noon until afternoon they told me to get some sleep (yesterday night was sleepless. I put a pillow underneath her bed on the floor and made myself comfortable there 🤪) but I didn’t sleep. Just washed clothes and fed my birdies and loaded their bowls (and cooked sardines too and fed my little princess)
I also opened the nest. There’s a huge chick a dinosaur exaxtly 😳😳😳😳 I just did what I had to do and got back to the hospital… today the other lady who shared the room with my girl in the hospital she took an exit so the bed is free 💃💃💃. No more sleeping on the floor like a dog 😂

I feel a bit exhausted to be honest I did not upload this vid. But I will I promise…. Is just that so many things happened so fast plus working 🤪🤪🤪

A stone broke from her kidney and got to her urethra and got stucked and infected her… and her heart was in danger and her lugs everything. And doctors home was talking about a flu. But her body was not like a person having a flu. I could feel her dying in my arms. Guys. I’m a fecking Mess just to the idea that I could lose her just like that for something treatable.🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

But they acted so fast and now she’s soooooo much better. Her colour is back and all the girls here love her (she likes singing…singing is her passion…) so she sings to them 💃💃

So that was it. I’m heading back to the room 1314 ☺️
Have a nice Saturday night and Sunday everybody :)
Hi, this is a message to Dizzy Blue regarding me uploading a photo of my new Jardine, I am not ignoring you I’m just working out how to do it. I have loads of pictures, just not very good navigating this forum x
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